The Whole Shebang!

A Checklist for Healing.


May 7, 2019 & February 13, 2007

Well, here it is! A whole check list of ways to support your transition from fear and abuse to claiming the wisdom and greatness of your own Soul!

These checklist items are not necessary in consecutive order, and you may engage any step at any time. Most likely you will be revisiting each step again and again in degrees as you move forward, so don’t give up. You can think of healing as a spiral process in that once you work out a phase of your difficulty for the best, that same dilemma may come back to you again in the future to heal at even deeper levels.

So please give yourself credit on your amazing Hero’s Journey. Give yourself a break by not getting upset or blaming yourself for not having solved the whole challenge in one blow! Develop and rely on your intuition . If we accept the challenge, our healing path can offer us a lifetime process to realize greater and greater personal wisdom, contentment and freedom!

So, this is it:

  1. Realize what has happened, or that “something” has happened, either in this life or in another, and that you don’t need to live with these habitual difficulties or “blocks” anymore, and that you can actually heal and change your life. Be a victim no more! Studying how others have handled a situation similar to yours may be enlightening and perhaps give you some comfort in knowing that you are not the only one.
  2. If you are living in proximity to your abuser, find a way to separate yourself from them. Do not play an enabling role to any abuser! You may have to develop your ability to financially support yourself, etc. Establish your own safe boundaries and stick to them! Protect your children from abuse— perhaps from your spouse, from an abusive teacher, or even yourself! Support your children’s own power and ability to protect themselves. Educate them to be aware and protect themselves from threat, and grow their insight and personal integrity.
  3. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation are the most amazingly effective tools that I have ever witnessed to turn around pain of any kind! Please go to to refer to Part 2 of this series, “The Rid-X Story” for more info on that. In addition, regular strong exercise, rest, relaxation, fun, being in nature, learning something new, hanging with other folks—old friends or new, cleaning out your nest, and change of scenery can help immensely!
  4. Check your diet! Sugar, chemicals—including non-Rx drugs, white flour, processed foods, tobacco and vape use, alcohol and binging can turn up the decibels of your pain and even be addictive. Initially when you consume them, they may seem to dull your pain, give you happiness, but then you crash to depths otherwise unknown! So, it’s best to drop these, but quick. Instead, get appropriate quantities of whole grains, fresh vegetables and vegetable juices—especially our great green friends, fresh fruits, beans, nuts and other proteins such as dairy, a bit of pure oils, small amounts of complex sugars such as honey or maple syrup, herbal and detoxifying teas, and lots and lots of pure, refreshing water. Organic raw foods offer the most terrific nourishment! Become a wonderful cook to delight and support yourself with the great mental and physical health that comes with great nutrition! Reasonable natural supplements can support you as well.
  5. Go beyond using your abuse or difficulties as a badge that others must honor. Rather, really honor yourself by taking responsibility for your own healing.Allow your “true” identity to develop naturally as you heal—one that supports you rather than always dragging you down, or drop your love of shocking people with what happened to you to evoke sympathy, while you claim your specialness by what you have suffered. With healing, you can allow others to naturally notice what you have developed within. You are headed towards sensitivity, kindness, power, capacity for closeness, trust, humor, ease, happiness, peaked insight, reliability, freedom, ability to securely ride the waves of challenge, depend upon your ability to create your own comfort, and much more! So, it’s really all right to drop that old, pain-ridden identity that no longer serves you so that you can free yourself to transform.
  6. Find a qualified, experienced person to help you—someone you can rely on and trust, who will hold the space of the “Real You” for you, who will not turn on you, who will be there and support you for the long run, who will effectively help you move your healing process along, and who will supply boundaries in your relationship with them. Respect these boundaries as a great training tool for you rather than feeling abandoned. Let supportive friends and relatives help, but don’t abuse your relationship with them. Realize that in the long run, the only person who can really “save” you is YOU! Commit to the long and challenging process of healing.
  7. Work consciously on creating safety in your environments, in your psyche, in your relationships, and live from and with your Spirit. Use deep meditation and visualizations. Other people can provide only so much security and safety for you, so seek to establish these within yourself. This will help provide the safety that you need to heal without shattering your psyche. Ground yourself, don’t leave your body to keep you from experiencing the challenges of life and healing. Some people develop the habit of leaving their bodies (astrally) to avoid experiencing pain. But when trying to heal, you actually will feel the pain again as it leaves. So, if you leave your body when the pain comes up, you can’t let go of the pain and heal. Also, recover from using “recreational” drugs, tobacco and alcohol, which may dull the pain, but keep you locked in the pain cycle.
  8. Understand the victim/victimizer syndrome, meaning that very often one who has been a victim will in turn, often quite unwittingly victimize others. Watch carefully to see if you are repeating your abuser’s patterns. Do you have passive/aggressive behavior? Do you either need constant support, or do you live in isolation? Do you try to manipulate and control your environments, people and situations due to your fear of what might happen? This may be quite subtle, so look closely. Become very aware of what is really happening—and don’t get guilty if you find yourself doing any of these! Guilt will impede your healing. Instead, find creative ways to change your behavior.
  9. Identify your anger (which embodies locked-up power and confusion), terror, pain, feelings of being lost or unconnected, etc. On a regular basis begin to look at it from your witness within—as a third party so that you can observe the details with an increasingly neutral eye, and see how they are impacting your life. Then create mastery over those feelings so that they don’t grab your life. You are not them and they are not You. They are your locked in experiences that need to be healed. This is a puzzle that needs to be worked with. Use meditation. This neutral observation of pain is paired and contrasted with the following step of intimately re-experiencing the pain in specific ways.
  10. With guidance or supervision, or when tuned in with meditation, or in any other way that keeps you safe, begin to let these feelings of anger, hatred, terror, pain, etc. move out of you and be recycled by the Infinite.As you do, you will re- experience the pain, but understand that in these circumstances, you will be opening the energy blocks, lancing them if you will, and letting them move out. Release only as much pain as you can bear re-experiencing at a time. Put yourself in the protection of your Soul, God, your generous Mother Earth or whatever protective, powerful relationship that you have. It will work for you!
  11. When working with people in conscious hypnosis, when I ask their Soul what needs to happen to for them to fully heal, they invariably find the answer to be .” This comes from the depth of wisdom, and they are always surprised by this. When forgiving, you don’t let the other person off the hook for what they did, but you do go deeply to cut the energetic/emotional ties that keep your emotions and psyche tied to the tortured pain of the abuse. Then while in this deep but conscious hypnosis, they can see why the other person—in his or her karmic chain did what they did, and what their role was as the abused person. They really see and understand the balance of the scales, thereby gaining powerful wisdom and confidence in their own Soul’s march to greatness!
  12. Capture the understanding, wisdom and power of the experienced and freed up psyche and Soul!Be open to every situation that comes to you, knowing that you have the ability to create and dance with it, and not be trapped or cowed by it. You have freed yourself of restrictions, of fears and disempowering habits of your mind and emotions. Allow your identity to be this magnificent Being who is the genuine Hero and who has walked the Warrior’s Path with courage and dignity! Rely on this open and available power and insight that you have developed and discovered within! It is yours. Own it completely! Have total confidence and lots of fun being in the powerful, present, creative moment!
  13. Take every opportunity to love yourself, care for yourself and appreciate yourself in the most humble way! That is not self-serving or aggrandizing. Rather, in full, complete humility, realize that you in fact are the essence of the God, and it is your privilege to treat yourself and others with kindness and respect! What more can be said, O Precious One?