June 4, 2019 & December 9, 2008 


What if you could be happy, satisfied, fulfilled, content, fearless and on, and on with just a simple move? 

That “move” has been a secret over eons of human history.  It was promised only to those who served their master for decades, or who offered huge sums of wealth!
But guess what?  I am going to whisper it to you right now!  Ready?  
This is it:  Especially when you are feeling down, confused, forgotten, lost, overburdened, controlling, and any other way that you would like to pop out of, just do the “Soul Move.”  That is CONSCIOUSLY MOVE OVER TO BEING WITH YOUR SOUL! No kidding!  And how hard you make it is up to you--really up to you!
How to do the SOUL MOVE:

  • Do long deep breathing.
  • Go to neutral in your psyche and actually let go of whatever is burdening you.
  • Allow yourself to be in deep consciousness! 

If you are feeling lonely, just open up to feel your loving Soul.  If you are feeling fearful, just leave all your problems up to your Soul to take care of and trust It.  Soul has Its own way of resolving your life if you just stay with It and trust It!  So, instead of demanding some resolution on your terms, just breathe yourself into this neutral “space.” Be present with It and enjoy It!  Let the crap go, so you can thrive, love and let yourself be loved!
I know, this is just too simple and New Age hair-brained to believe.  This is just some “Pollyanna” method of denial or self-deception, you say.  After all, you have your feet on the ground and only believe in the reality of what you experience.
But believe it or not, this space of total neutrality and humility to allow the great Force and love to flow through you is actually experiencing your own special and very unique God Self!  And being in this expanded energetic condition is being in sync with the Conscious Creative Force that actually does the connecting and creating of our world!  Flowing with this intimate, subtle, all-powerful energetic field is what brings all to you, dear Ones!
But if you stay in your condition of hurt, overwhelm, stress, heartache, etc., your own creative energy actually calls out to remain in that blocked condition and to give you confirmation on every level that this your REALITY.  Yikes!  That hurts!  

One caveat.  If when you try to do this SOUL MOVE, emotional crocodiles reach up to grab your feet and pull you under, so please, oh please do not feel that you are not up to par, or get guilty because this SOUL MOVE seems to fall from your grasp!  Instead, understand that this is the time to become very aware that very strong emotional knots are tying you up.  Then do all that you can to heal them, using our sacred technologies, and if need be get professional help to walk you through this sometimes elusive healing path.  Never blame yourself!  This only bottles up your healing!  Yet, on the very bright side, healing from these difficulties rewards you with incredible strength and wisdom that you could not have developed in any other way.  And keeping your body healthy makes a whale of a difference, too!

Therefore, I want you to be very aware that this SOUL MOVE is not a state of denial, but one of pure, conscious openness and relaxation in the great kindness that flows through you at every moment.  That is where all creation of goodness, relief from blocks, wonderful connections and honest-to-God manifestations--no matter how huge or small is activated and experienced!  Oh, yes!  This is True and this is the real “Secret.”
This is the “SOUL MOVE”!  It takes relaxing, not gripping tightly; and it takes raising our energetic vibration.  That’s why we do Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and practice our Gurbani prayers to not only get to that state, but to remain there.  This is switching quickly to meditative mind, Cherdi Kala (rising spirit), expansive flow, etc. with a conscious switch, a simple move by employing that amazing and mysterious long, deep breathing.  And you can use any of our powerful meditative technologies as well to power up this simple, relaxing, but infinitely powerful SOUL MOVE!  In addition to daily sadhana (spiritual practice), some of my favorites that loosen me up to make that quick SOUL MOVE are Heart Breath and Gobinday, Mukunday....
Those of you who have taken my course Intuition Training  know exactly what I am talking about and have developed the habit of making that move over to your Soul!
This is the real dance of consciousness and creation!  Miracles and magic are there waiting for you as you do your SOUL MOVE!  So, you can actually make a habit of happiness that leads to magical productivity, believe me.  But if you are addicted to your hardships, you will avoid this SOUL MOVE until you have finally had enough.  It’s then that you can finally experiment with it.  
So, try it for yourself now and see what happens.  Your happiness is a matter of your using your own free will to simply do your SOUL MOVE.  And you can do it instantly, all the time and for no cost.  Outrageous!  If you are actually honest about wanting a happy, fulfilling life, and truly want to live your Destiny, then Friends, here’s your ticket.  Make the SOUL MOVE!!  Be happy!  It’s real!  

Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa, Soul Answer, 2019 & 2008.