It's really "MY WAY" after all!


June 11, 2019 & August 15, 2006

You can’t believe how many people shriek in horror, “No, I can’t possibly believe that I picked out my parents before I came into this body! I couldn’t possibly have done that to myself!”

Well, Dears, that’s how we do it! We pick out not only our parents, but the locations where we will be born and live, the time of our birth to imprint particular astrological planetary pulls on us, our abilities and disabilities to manifest in this life, our friends and “enemies,” and so on down the line.

We do all of this to lay out circumstances in which we can meet a specific array of our karmas* from our own past lives, and to establish situations to develop ourselves this time around. And since you have an interest in this kind of thing, you are most likely on the road to seriously paying off those karmas to become karmically “debt-free” for the purpose of consciously re-merging with the “Great Oneness!”

As a matter of fact, I was working with the spirit of my former husband for a couple of weeks after he had passed from his body, and at that point he had actually become a luminescent orb. The final thing he said was, “In my next life, I’m going to be a woman who takes care of a troubled man in Lithuania!” Having taken care of him for a number of years as a troubled man in this life—in the U.S., that is, I yelped, “Oh no, don’t do that!” But at that point of his elevation between lives, he had absolutely no inclination to consider “What do I like? What are my favorite things? What's easy?”

No, it was an indisputable decision based on knowledge far beyond earthly preferences, personal hopes and dreams, and so on. That decision was omnisciently rational far beyond personal emotions! His pure Soul was arranging things for him to systematically meet up with certain karmas and lessons in his upcoming life.

So, before we come into this life, we actually assemble our own “trances,” which hold our outlooks, our habits, our reactions, our natural tendencies and abilities, which form the basis of our unique personalities in this life. In fact, these trances are engines of intelligent energy that drive how we operate in this world.

Now, these current life “trances” are drawn together from, of course, our past life trances, plus what we learn and solve—or don’t solve of our karmas while we are here, our experimentations with our capabilities, our successes, our failures, and so on. And, our genetic make-up, primarily our nervous and glandular system—which are our body’s primary communicators with our energetic system directly interact with these energetic trances.

But there is yet one more thing! That is the “wiring” of these current life trances! To my “intuitive eye,” it appears that babies are born with their full energetic potential, but it is not yet fully operative. This potential “looks like” a lovely, delicate and translucent cloud or cotton candy around the little bitty! As you know, infants go through tremendous physical transformation in their organs, nervous systems and whole bodies as they grow. So, the same appears to happen with their energetic potential.

But here’s the catch! An adult seems to have a network or grid of energetic wiring that carries signals, intelligence, etc. throughout their energetic system. The energetic intelligent “bits” traveling along one’s unique “wiring” system enables one to create actions, understanding, etc. And the actual pattern of wiring connections has a fundamental effect on how information comes together within a person, affecting their awareness and actions.

And, get this—an infant’s wiring appears to be formed on its parents’ wiring pattern!

So, our parents are not only the progenitors of our very DNA, but also form the basis of our energetic patterning that influences how we perceive and act from an energetic or “trance” standpoint! Then it’s no wonder that Yogi Bhajan always admonished us to overcome our “father phobias” and our “mother phobias.” As we transform ourselves and learn to fully love, forgive (  and accept our parents for who they are and what they have given us, we free and elevate ourselves to become who we choose to be. We become Infinitely responsible for evolving towards our own Destiny!

Yes, we pick our parents very carefully!

Meditation to Release Childhood Anger,


*KARMA is the Law of Eternal Justice in which our actions are returned to us in kind, whether in the same lifetime or in another. We could perceive those return actions or “karmas” as either hurtful or helpful as we experience them.

But in the long run, facing “bad karmas” and transforming ourselves can afford us the opportunity to “pay off our karmic debt.” And in our transformation from being hurt, etc. we can develop wisdom and strength that we could not do in any other way! Feelings of being punished or guilt for incurring bad karma only stymie our transformation process.

On the other hand, we can also enjoy the benefits of return “good karma” as well. So, in that case, it’s best to be grateful and not boastful, selfish, etc., thus racking up yet more karmic debt!

So, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is extremely practical advice!