Don’t Throw Out the Baby with the Bath Water! 

About Medicine.

June 18, 2019 & October 10, 2006

I just wanted to talk to you about something that I feel is quite a serious matter! It is “throwing out the baby with the bath water!”—Medically that is!

I suspect that most of us are on a path of natural health!  To cure or ameliorate our ills, we prefer to use supplements, special diets, herbs, exercise, yoga, meditation, various therapies, homeopathy, flower essences, aroma therapy, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, energy healing, and many other non-invasive means.  And they have capabilities that Western medicine can’t even touch!

We are so extraordinarily fortunate in this day to have such a wonderfully wide range of methods to effectively right the many mental, physical and emotional difficulties that come our way!

One thing though that you might find odd coming from an energy healer. Many of us see allopathic medicine as the enemy! And I will give you the point that there have been lots of wrongs, accidents and difficulties as a result of resorting to synthetic drugs and surgery. We all have our arsenal of horror stories that keep us mistrustful or downright antagonistic to Western medicine! We know of doctors who are stupid and uncaring, letting their hubris blind them, or even well-meaning practitioners whose prescriptions have gone very wrong.

We know that there is no pharmaceutical that does not have potential side effects—some outrageously harmful, and the politics of Big Pharma are wont to make us retch!

However, Dears, I just want to point something out.  Never in the history of humankind have there been available such a range of effective treatments for very serious situations. I am telling you this because I have had a couple of friends die from breast cancer because they did not want to get involved with Western medicine. And I have seen people— young and old who have serious chemical brain imbalances who refused to take drugs that would give them a chance at a fairly normal life, so they disintegrated. And so on!

I certainly understand that many of these drugs and surgeries have their own ill effects, and that it takes dogged effort and very close monitoring to discover the most workable protocols available. Also, it may be possible for these treatments to take their toll on a person’s health in a number of ways—harming while helping.

I am sorry that the most perfect medical solutions have not been discovered yet, but all I can say is, “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water!”

Instead, I suggest that everyone who is capable take real, substantial charge of their own health! And I hope that other level-headed and open-hearted advocates will help out those who are not capable. This takes a good deal of effort, I know! It takes understanding how your body, mind and emotions work—on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual. It takes lots of study, and staying finely tuned to your intuition.

It is you, my dear Friends who are the pioneers who will achieve the real integration of medicine! You will do it by finding the very best and open-minded allopathic doctors, then studying what they diagnose, plus listening closely to their recommendations. It means studying everything that is possibly available for your difficulties in the Complementary Medicine panoply as well, and God knows there’s a whole lot out there! It means finding the very best natural practitioners who will work carefully with you, giving you their best and most thorough advice—and not just an adherence to a rigid party line. Yes, we “naturals” can be closed minded, too!

It means research, and lots of it—such as the National Medical Library’s  of great medical information that can be understood by us laymen. helps in locating specific medical studies, and is still understandable with its “structured abstracts”.  And  that is published by the National Medical Library at the National Institutes of Health (as are all of these sites) is the mother of medical studies, but it is highly technical.

 Get a good medical dictionary, a concise anatomy book, The Pill Book or other Drug Handbook. You can use “Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing” by Phyllis and James Balch as your first defense. Google your way to a wide range of knowledge, being careful to discern what is helpful and what is bogus. And there are hundreds and hundreds of books and articles on as many health challenges at your bookstores and health food stores. Dispel myth and find out what has a chance of working. Be aware at all times. Pray hard that the information will come to you, or that you will be led to it. .  The miracles that can happen can be astounding!

Then, when you begin to form a picture of what is needed, have the courage to take the steps—whether natural or allopathic, or perhaps a studied blend of both to deal with your situation or that of one who is in your charge. Often, a trial plan with continued reassessments leading to revised plans works best. Trial and error is both natural and scientific.

No, this approach is by no means easy. But I don’t know of any other way to take real responsibility for yourself!

Health is a God-given blessing. Healing is also a God-given blessing! Please take advantage of what is most reasonably and most intuitively available—by God’s own grace!

Lovingly Yours, 


No, this is not an advertisement for my amazingly gifted, thorough naturopath, and dear friend, Dr. Sat Dharam Kaur in Ontario, Canada. But I do want to let you know that what I feel is her very, very balanced approach to natural and allopathic medicine is a model for the future of all medicine! And she doesn’t even know that I am publishing this about her!

She has published several extremely informative books and does give phone consults.  Her specialties have been in breast cancer, women’s health, and addictions, but she covers it all.

Kundalini Yoga is known for its many kriyas and meditations to heal various ailing areas of the body, mind and spirit. Some are at .  You can find many manuals that include these at Spirit Voyage or Ancient Healing Ways  Or more at

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Here is a real-life response from Lee, one of our Soul Answer Community:

Sat Nam, Siri-Gian:

I am already living proof of your balanced approach.  In 2001 I had a colon resection due to the effects of Crohn's disease.

I had a marvelously talented surgeon, Dr. Lourie at Huntington Hospital who saved my life with innovative laparoscopic surgery.  Then I started doing Kundalini Yoga through a friend/yoga teacher who has since become a Rabbi.  She introduced me to Dr. Santokh Khalsa here in Pasadena. ( 626-345-9750. He does more than chiropractic work, he also does amazing energy healing using his own intuitive system.  I call him the Miracle Man, and when I do my healing work in Los Angeles, I work out of his lovely center in Pasadena. SGK)

I have been going to him for adjustments for 3 years.

Results to date:

As of 1 year ago I was clear of any new Crohn's disease.

I became a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and have begun to teach at the Awareness Center in Pasadena.

My plan is to develop yoga workshops for people with health challenges to empower them and help them heal.

Your e-letter came as a blessing to remind me how many wonderful, life-affirming things have happened since I began doing Kundalini yoga in 2001.  I hope to meet you someday.

Now I'm going to practice some Sadhana.

Thanks for being an angel.

Lee  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.