Are You Drowning?

September 28, 2015, October 29, 2013

goblet and faces

Are you stumbling under the weight of things going wrong—out of your control? 

Is more being asked of you than you can produce or handle, no matter how hard you are trying?  With every step are you losing confidence in yourself?  Does it feel that the “sharks” are out to get you at every turn?  Does confidence and money seem to be slipping out of your fingers like flowing sand?  Has any real control over your life flown to the winds, leaving you groundless and lost with no end in sight!? Yikes!

And guess where all this is coming from.  Well, check into your mind.  I know that it seems that all this is the result of objective “facts.”  After all, that is REALITY, right?  It’s immediately in front of your face.  And yes, it is undeniable that things are happening all around that assault YOU! 

Yes, but let’s just take a little tour of our mind.  You have definitely seen those trick images that ask you if the glass is half full or half empty, right?  Or how about this great old image at the top of this page—two faces or an ornamental drinking glass?  Notice that your mind sees from its own viewpoint, and we take that viewpoint for true REALITY! 

The truth of it all is, “How does my mind perceive those neutral ‘facts,’ and how will it respond?”  That takes some mental loosening up to parse it all out, doesn’t it?

You see, your mind is an amazing instrument that is sourced either in the habits of your childhood, your ancestors, your environment and culture, this life and other lifetimes; OR, it is sourced in the most amazing creativity, care and love from your own Soul.  The choice of your mind’s operative viewpoint is yours at every moment.  But it takes a whole lot of self-examination to discover what is really happening in your own sweet or scary mind, and how you want to deal with it—at every moment.  Oh, yes! 

Now, I know this all sounds really distracting and heavy to have to watch your mind ALL the time.  “Can’t we just get on with it?”  But if you are not aware of what is happening “upstairs,” you may be using your interpretive powers to construct the scariest House of Horrors that you could possibly imagine—complete with attackers and thieves flying at you from everywhere!  Or you could be training that rambunctious puppy of your mind to not poop and pee all over your house while it tears up all your furniture and knocks over all your friends and family. 

You could actually be discovering that every creepy, hairy monster and event that comes socking at you is actually a construct of that wizard (your subconscious) behind the curtain of your conscious awareness.  This wizard seems to be trying to scare the bejeebers out of you.  But he is actually keeping you safe by warning you away from this and that.  The problem is that you are being scared away from loving yourself, habitually facing “apparent” trauma at every turn, allowing joy to be knocked out of your mind and emotions by the hammer of fear and judging. 

On the other hand, as you clean and shine up that potentially beautiful instrument of your mind by moving closer and closer to your truly best chum and Lover, your very Soul, your mind calms down.  Your perceptions cool down as the ghosts are seen for who they are—phantoms from the past that just want your attention, love and Light. 

You can vet the phantoms of your mind as you lovingly face them—just as courageously as Harry Potter faced any huge and unrelenting monster.  Even while you feel those angry, fearsome, squashing blows as those old-time subconscious specters move out of you on their way to the Light of your Soul, you can simply and heroically allow yourself to be held by your precious Soul.  This happens in a very real dimension or “space” that you can actually feel.  It is actually more REAL than those states of fear, depression and panic.  As you consciously relax in Soul’s arms especially while those heavy monsters attack, you are finally left with only the pure Freedom of not being bound from the inside by ogres that have captured you from behind your eyes and your heart.

You see, your Soul is the very core of you, your most authentic Self, the part of you that generates great healing.  It has its own pathway and pure Destiny for you if you but commit to following Its direction at every moment.  The experience of Soul is that “space” of coziness, of completeness, of trust that Soul is in charge and will do every amazing thing on your behalf to sculpt you into the Great Being that is hidden inside—rather like Michelangelo’s chisel liberating those masterful beings frozen inside blocks of raw marble. 

Know from the get-go that Soul will not fulfill the expectations that you wholeheartedly believe will keep you safe from your dragons.  In fact, Soul will move you to release the dragon’s hold over you, so that you can finally be FREE!  That is free to love and be loved.  To enjoy your life and feel secure no matter what!  To wait and watch with curiosity and patience as Soul takes care of your apparent troubles.  You can live such a sweet, Light-filled, cozy, powerful and dynamic Life as you allow Soul to become the unquestioning lead in your Life--as you serve every little sweet or big and challenging direction from Soul.

Give all of your horrors and crap to Soul.  These are what Soul craves as Its raw material, so that It may miraculously transform you from a lump of coal to a beautiful clear, sparkling and precious diamond!  Frankly, I find this is the very easiest way through the “trials and tribulations” of Life.  No, it is not a cop-out, but it is a most effective stairway to heaven on Earth.  Oh, yes!