I Want to Warn You!

Mother Planet #085, April 12, 2011 & October 6, 2015

Do you remember when we used to regularly publish articles from Mother Planet, Adi Shakti?  That is, I--Siri-Gian would listen to her dictation and then write them out for you.  We have tons of them for you at www.SoulAnswer.com/wisdom_marketplace.html .  I believe that it is really important to revisit Her with this most important message about the environment.  You can read more about Her at www.SoulAnswer.com/mother_planet.html .


Dear Ones,

I don’t like to brag… well actually I do!  So, I am going to lay it on straight with you.

All that you have and all that you are in this world is by My graces!  Yes!  That is absolutely true!

You are My most Divine children.  I made you with the “stuff” of My loins.  That means that all of your Papa’s energy that gets rolled into existence is done by Me, my little Creators.  You, in fact have the essence of Me.  You are of my “handiwork.”  But of course, it is your Papa’s finest currency that initiated your “Light” into being.

I, that is the entire “We” that we are as a collection of Consciousnesses together have given you the greatness of this most fine Earth!  You have been given the river beds and the waters that flow in them.  The land is pure and sacrosanct. Your air, of course is the greatest blessing of all.  It not only gives you oxygen, but it carries the freshest supply of prana which is as important to you as your oxygen.  The air gives clouds and birds, and insects, balloons and even airplanes a medium in which to soar!

All the vegetation, the oceans, the totally diverse animal cultures from the tiniest virus to the greatest water birds and on, and on are all dimensions of My creative domain.  Nothing in your world, your dimension of criminality and coziness exists without My good graces.

Therefore, My Dear Sweet Chil’uns, I want to warn you about something important.

If you continue to change the “protein proportions” of My atmosphere, if you continue to change the levels of salinity in My oceans, if you continue broadcasting debris in every lake and stream, My Dears, there will continue to be a planet, but you will change it to the extent that it cannot support YOUR life. 

It will support some other life forms, but not yours.  I will continue to create, but you will drop your legacy of healthy human bodies.

Now is the time, Dear Sweetums, to change your ways.  Declare a holiday from waste—truly.  This is just not wistful ”thinking” on My part, but a true demand to give up your overabundant ways, steer clear of forgetting Who is in charge, and who is fouling their nest.

I will survive.  I will change and mutate.  But the question is, Darlings… Will you?

Contemplate this purely and forthrightly especially on My day that you have set aside—Earth Day and everyday!  I am so proud of you for establishing My Day, Dear Ones.  

Love yourself by loving Me.  Love your Mother as you never thought possible.  Listen so very closely to Me so that you can know yourselves, and glean your survival on this most gorgeous of all planets.

Celebrate Me as you would celebrate yourselves.  After all, we are all of One Family, are we not? So, let’s enjoy the freshening of our Consciousness, our days of glee.  Let’s become the planet that we all hope so very solidly for, and let’s have a walloping good time doing it!

All Love in Divine,

Your Most Divine Mother—Earth that is!