Difficult or Delicious?

October 13, 2015 and June 28, 2011


DHARMA—Your Transport to Peaceful Ease!

Imagine!  There is a rich and cohesive order to the Universe that beams down to our own “little” Earth!

Have you watched as situations that might normally seem disruptive produce a symphony of change that actually creates progress in ways that are much more effective than you could have planned?

Have you seen synchronicities quietly appear like a train right on schedule to hook you up with that perfect person, place or thing—just out of nowhere?  Have you ever felt so high, leading with your heart, connecting naturally, feeling so simple, so pure, and so free—without hesitation, drawbacks, second guesses or fear?

In that condition, you are way beyond courage and trust, you are just flowing in this all pervasive Light energy—kind of like this incredibly pure light here in New Mexico, but there is a powerful breezy feeling to it, and it incorporates pure functionality.

In this condition, you just feel or intend what needs to be done, or what would be good to manifest and without giving it too much more thought, it comes about, it arrives like gifts and connection on invisible hands.

In this state, you feel the unending LOVE that just pours out of you, as the right ideas and simple wisdom just fall from your lips, without too much thought on your part.  You just KNOW!  And you glide in “uprising spirit,” also known as “Cherdi Kala,” a very real experience of neutral, happy contentment and awareness.

There is an incredible order—no matter what kind of disorder or destruction appears to happening on all sides, including to yourself.  But it is as though you have been beamed up to a certain place of radiance that interfaces with all that surrounds you.  It functions impeccably—usually not in any pre-set way you might expect it to, but it has its own grand agenda, its own timing.  It is just up to you to swim with it, to keep up with it, to dance with its every creative move, to recognize the magic as it happens, to be grateful—most grateful for it!

Well, my Dears, if you have ever experienced this incredible state of being, this fully active vibrational current of reality, then you have been in “Sukh Sahej”!

Now, let me ask you a question.  As that was happening or before, had you done some really good sadhana?  Were you doing your banis (effective prayers), mantras (potent sounds), Kundalini Yoga and Meditation (exercises that open to expanded power on all levels)?  Had you trained your mind to stay in pure neutral awareness?  Had you healed or transformed those mixed-up emotions so that you could sense your Soul with your clarified emotions?

So, now all of these practices that brought you to Sukh Sahej are embodied an ecological interactive system called “Dharma”!  Yes, that is right.  There are a number of dharmas, or integrated systems of practice that tap into a sort of vibrational mono-rail to take you to Sukh Sahej.  That is what a dharma is all about.  It is given to us by extraordinary Souls or Masters who have “been there, done that” to the extent that they put together an interactive system that guarantees to move us, step by protected step to this incredible perfection of experience here on Earth.

So, why not practice our chosen dharma with great diligence?  As any of you may have found, actually mixing the practices of various dharmas over time might be counterproductive because you move out of the protective integration of energies, although it sure is fun and enlightening to experience other dharmas from time to time.

There is no judgment about any one of them being better than another.  It just comes down to what suits your own consciousness, experience of lifetimes, plus your own heart and gut for those particular practices—despite the nutsiness you might find in your fellow practitioners as they perfect their own practices.

The dharma that you choose is such a gift to you, although you have actually earned it over lifetimes, and it may take you beyond lifetimes to pure Union.  Cherish it!  Aren’t we lucky-ducks?

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur