Hanky-Panky Cover-Up

May 3, 2016

A nasty but very ancient social phenomenon has come front and center to my attention!

That is the cover-up strategy that is habitually employed when one member of a family, or church, or community of some kind is abused by another member—such as a young, innocent girl sexually abused by her brother, father or uncle.

The community can’t bear any disruption to their glossy coating, so they hold the torrid tale under wraps.  This allows the perpetrator to go scot-free, not exposed for the lout that they are and not given the opportunity or guidance for remediation, not put in jail or any other kind of container so that they may not continue doing their dirty work, thus ruining the lives of innocents.  This aversion to dealing the Truth also insures that these inhuman practices will remain as an active habit in the family or community consciousness for generations.

Meanwhile the victim is not supported, only hushed which totally breaks down their own foundation of self-worth and self-love when nobody actually cares about what happened to them.  They may live a tormented life of self-hate, corrupting insecurity perhaps leading to self-medicating their pain with drugs, alcohol, sex, etc., unworthiness, constant and abiding anger, fear, never feeling safe, taking on responsibility and guilt for their attack, and so on.

If the situation does become exposed, then the custom appears that all “forgive” the perpetrator for the sake of pushing it all under the rug so that no one actually has to deal with the horror of the situation, and all can go on pretending that they are a happy and loving group.

Now this can happen with yoga teachers or ministers masquerading as masters or mentors that require or welcome sexual favors or relationships, or claim inordinate sums of money for the “divine one,” who according to Yogi Bhajan will become a cockroach in their next life.  That is the karmic cycle for a fallen teacher or minister who dupes those under their care.

Other abusive situations can occur, such as in an orthodox religion or community where a wife may be beaten, harassed, threatened, etc., but the only support that their community gives them is to stay in the marriage and endure the ugliness so the communal boat will not have to deal with its black underside of intolerance and non-support for those innocents who truly need it. It is the victims who are blamed and shunned, not the perpetrator.  Go figure.

And the same goes for the gossip mongering that can occur in a community where a member is ostracized due to the jealousy of the primary gossipers and the weak-kneed (banana-spine, as Yogi Bhajan called it) of the followers/believers of gossip who do not do their own investigation.  This, too is community or family abuse.

Instead, the Truth must be found in every one of these situations plus others of similar circumstances.  A Conscious person must investigate and understand the Truth of what has happened.  Then stand up for that Truth.  This may take some bursting of the “everything is fine” paradigm where there might be some backlash.  So, please oh please listen to Soul as true your guide.  www.SoulAnswer.com/soul.html  Then the perpetrators must be dealt with appropriately so they never create that mayhem again.  You may or may not have to make a big deal—depending on the situation.  And most importantly, the victim needs to be supported, cared for and healed from the awful injuries that have been inflicted.

It may not be an easy task to take on this challenge to individual and community “sweeping the dirt under the rug.”  But if we are to progress as humans, as we love and support those who need it, and eradicate the horrors of some human relationships, we must stand for and act on the Truth—with the help of the great God/Soul who put us here.

Now, here is what Yogi Bhajan had to say about this outrageous mind set.  I found it in the fairly new book on “The Chakras” as taught by Yogi Bhajan, KRI, 2012, p. 11.  Used with permission.

“People do so many things to create status and do so many things to be known: yet nobody today knows how to live.  Everybody is pursuing their hidden agenda, and keeping the surface calm.  There is no worst lie than that, and mind you the other person knows it.  A husband knows why his wife didn’t come home when he asks the question, but in two minutes there will be fight.  What if she has a reasonable reason, an explanation that will be sufficient?  But no, everybody covers the hanky-panky—the husband covers the hanky-panky from his wife, the wife covers the hanky-panky from her husband, the teacher covers the hanky-panky from his or her students, the student covers the hanky-panky from the teacher, parents cover their hanky-panky from the children, children cover their hanky-panky from the parents, and it goes on.  We want harmony, smoothness, peace, tranquility, and ecstasy, but these are frauds, not words; you can’t get them.  There is no element on which you can base your self, there is no power in you, only the higher Self.  Imagine you are on an elevator.  You can go up to the sixteenth story simply by pressing a button.  www.SoulAnswer.com/heart_breath.html Every psyche of a human individual has to have an elevator:  It is called the higher Self.”

And I would call Soul this higher Self!

Now, my Dear.  Can you think of how this impacts you?

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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