Spiritual Water-Boarding

February 20, 2013

You know water-boarding?  It is torture, pure and simple.  In a controlled way, feelings of panic due to imminent loss of life are induced.  There is no way out.  It is painful, beyond enduring.  Torture leaves you without help or hope.  You become stranded, totally squashed, without a clue of how to bring yourself back to what was, or to move forwards.  You have lost complete connection to what you have known or hoped for!  Life as you have known it is shattered. 

Have you ever felt that?

Have you been so depleted of money that you mentally start looking for a bridge to live under? Have you lost total support from, or love and connection with your best friend, spouse, partner, family or community to the point that you feel that your heart has been sliced out and you have been left to die?  Have you experienced utter rejection by the people and actions around you as perhaps when you have lost a job, experienced a break-up or a divorce, or your community has turned on you?

Now when any or all this happens, you actually have the free choice of how to handle it!  Would you be surprised to know that you don’t have to take the obvious train south into depression, panic and fear, even though it appears that all doors are bolted shut to you and that all light and life has been stolen from your personal universe?

Well, my Dears, this is actually the great law of Karma www.SoulAnswer.com/karma.html that pushes us over the edge into these apparently horrid circumstances.  This is the great law of evolution and LOVE!

Oh, yes.  That’s right.  It is the very love of the God of you, your Soul within that lines you up for your own personal experience of water-boarding!

The reason is that you are being challenged—actually being given the great opportunity to finally throw overboard any false ideas that you have total control over your life.  This is your great break to realize that security, love, and support on any level is absolutely present for you IF you are willing to “jump off the cliff” of your expectations and into the most loving arms of your own divine Soul, your God Self.  This is truly the chance of lifetimes.  And the more scary it is, the greater the leap into the arms of your own Beloved!

So, what this means is that if you take the opportunity to finally give total control of your life to your Soul, to the God of you, then you let go of your proverbial “ego” that has tried so hard to get all of its needs met, to be secure on its own terms, to be in control. 

You see, when we do our best to make the events of our life conform to what our mind and emotions want, we stick ourselves in the mire of our own ego so that we are subject to these complete breakdowns.  That’s because our ideas of security and happiness resulting purely from everyday self’s actions is basically an illusion that you can rely upon only to fall apart at some time.

And yet, it is Soul who wants to grab us to Its Infinite, cozy heart.  It wants to give us all that we need to drop our mental and emotional restrictions so that we can come into total, extraordinary and most kind and loving Union with It!

Now, this is not a fairy tale, or something taken from obscuring books.  This has been experienced by so many right here and right now, including myself.

As you use every spiritual technology to break that horrid trance of your mind and emotions such as Heart Breath, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra, Banis, calling on Guru Ram Das; as you use your strong—almost physical discipline to address your possessed and tortured mind and emotions, that is when you may find that the only thing left to do is to finally give up everything, and I mean EVERYTHING to your Soul, the God of you.  After all, there is nothing left to hold onto.  You find that nothing is yours!

That means giving your home, your car, your loved ones, your connections with community, income, personal influence and “good name,” your job and all else to the absolute care of your God Self without holding back an ounce.  When you do this, you no longer “own” your life, but you become a steward of your life.  You serve your life to serve your Soul.

You most humbly ask your Soul for all decisions.  www.SoulAnswer.com/soul.html .  You ask questions, and check in with Soul to feel, hear or see with your intuition to validate that your guidance is True.  You consciously, with deliberation let go of worry and fear and let Soul eat that for dinner, no matter how huge the consequences may be.  You no longer hold what you want or what you think you need in your vice-grip.  You jump into pure neutral, using your Heart Breath/Shuniya because that is where Soul lives. 

When you make that mighty leap, Soul will truly give you what you need.  Just the act of turning over the experience of being stuck in your own powerful vexation, what we call being stuck in “ego” is the greatest step possible!  When you give over from your very depths, to that incredible neutrality or Soul Space, the most amazing freedom and peace fills in that vacuum.  It is an expansive, clear breeze sensation where impeccable, wisdom flows freely.  Your mind is not clutching, not trying to store up anything or control anything. 

Have heard of “living in the present”?  This is it!  This is the actual experience of living by Soul, of giving your life to Soul.

Now, you understand that this is no joke!  Once you give yourself up, there is no turning back. Once you make that promise to the Almighty, you release all control over the direction, decisions and outcomes of your life—even if that means literally dying on the spot.  Your trust needs to allow every possibility, even the worst that can haunt your mind.  But you give it all up to Soul as you wait and watch for direction and outcome, as though you were actually an observer of your own life.  You most diligently follow Soul’s direction, that energetic expression from Soul at every nanosecond.  And you continuously draw yourself back into that trusting space, even though everything you have known from your past experiences, raw emotions, society’s direction, pure reason, etc. is telling you this is crazy!

But what happens is that as you relax into Soul, the chains of ideas and emotions that were tying you down are now dissolved so that Soul can “miraculously” carry you to the next step!  You may find that your old habitual fears were actually like an energetic glue that magnetized those blocks, walls, disconnections, loss of love and more to you.  You find that your needs are fulfilled with ease in ways that you never, ever could have predicted.  You may find that as you “flow” in this new path of simplicity and freedom you are led to situations that allow your creativity, love and prosperity to flourish with ease.  You just have to keep your eyes and acceptance open to discover them.

Your true natural self and authenticity rise to the surface to become your “operating platform.”  You trust any seemingly outrageous “scheme” or direction that Soul gives you without question, seeing it as an adventure as it unfolds.

You absolutely understand that this life is not YOUR life, but SOUL’s life, and that you are living for and as Soul.  You know from your very core that the real responsibility for your life resides with Soul and that you, as your “everyday self” is simply here to serve Soul’s Life through you.  Life becomes simple—very simple.  You are no longer abandoned, but truly, kindly connected to the most loving, caring “Parent” that knows perfectly how to train, guide and provide for you. 

This, Dear Ones is how you live your Destiny—that purpose for which you came to Earth in this lifetime.  Living unshakably from Soul, no matter what the challenge is how you evolve to true Union, which we call Yoga.  This is Who you truly are.  This is your very purpose!

As you do this, you may find yourself even becoming grateful for those torturous water-boarding experiences that gave you the great “kicks” to crack your shell of separation!  That is when you discover that “All is Love” after all!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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