We Are So Happy You Are Here!

November 8, 2016 & May 31, 2011


Before you are born into a family, your own Soul picked through all of your accumulated karmas and put together a game plan for what you wanted to heal, learn, solve and elevate in this lifetime.  Then It/you picked out all the circumstances that you would need to accomplish that—which included choosing your parents, where you would be born, all of your relatives and so on.  True!

So, life is meant to give us a whole heap of opportunities to tackle because by solving them we can get back to the reality of Who we are—REALLY are, that is.  To create this drama, this “game” of life, everyone gets thrown a “few” curves, so to speak.  How to deal with them is always our choice.

In leading healing with so many people, it has become evident to me that when we, as these fresh little Souls come into this wondrous new body, we intrinsically know Who we are.  The problem is that no one else knows Who we are, and neither do they know Who they are. 

Consequently, we often are not given the feedback of our purity, our preciousness, our Infinity.  As a tiny infant, perhaps no one consciously feels our heart and returns that in kind.  Our parents are not always happy to have us around; people may deny what we intrinsically know.  The result is that we put that cloak of disbelief over Who we know ourselves to be. 

To an infant or a child, a parent is their image of God, their ultimate authority on what is true or not true.  So, if my parent gives me any indication--any feedback that I am not the Infinity, or any rejection that I interpret as “perhaps it wasn’t really a great idea that I came to Earth after all,” then as the child I take on my parent’s voice that turns into self-depreciation, not being worthy of being here on Earth, “I am intrinsically worthy of rejection, I must not KNOW after all,” and so on.

These are the falsehoods that we sign up for on our karmic game board.  Then we subliminally believe them and repeat them to ourselves.  Yikes!

So you can see how they play out in your own life!  Not so pretty, actually.  And yet it is by feedback that we humans seem to accept what is true or not true about most things, especially ourselves, even if they are out and out lies.

But, the good news is that we can chuck these old enforced identities.  If we make that choice, we are no longer doomed to live that inherited identity.  We can actually opt for Who we really are!

Yogi Bhajan told us over and over that the spiritual quest is to change our identity.  This is what we are talking about.  He said that Jesus could become who he was because his mom let him know over and over again that his dad was God.  He had no duality at all about his identity.

Imagine if you knew in your very bones, that you had inherited the very genes and jobs of your truly divine mom and dad—God!

Guess what?  You did! 

It’s just that nobody ever deeply and truly told you that’s Who you are.  Nobody reinforced that, and no one led you to understand that is also the case with everyone else in your whole God Family—that would be everyone who has ever, or who will ever visit Earth in a human body! 

Remember, knowing that all are God doesn’t diminish you, but actually supports your ability to rise to your true identity.  Humans don’t seem to like to be different, rather we like to “fit in.”  Therefore, understanding that we are all in the same Great Boat, the God Boat can be a great comfort.

So, please sit back and allow yourself to soak in the following welcome to Earth. Let yourself relax, let yourself heal.  Forgive yourself and others for not welcoming you with feedback that is True.  And be grateful for the great opportunity to transform to this realization of Who you are so that you can collect all the more wonderful abilities and wisdom that result from that healing of identity. 

Love your self/Self!  Just by your Being, you are more than worthy of that unending love from yourself and your Divine Parents—both giving and receiving.  So simple, so profound.  That is Who you are!

Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2016 & 2011



My Very Sweet One,

We are so happy that you are here with us!  We have been waiting for you so long.  Our hearts have been feeling you, loving you, calling you and we are exquisitely happy that you have chosen to be with us here on Earth.

We see the brilliant Light that shines through your eyes.  We feel the expansiveness of your projection.  As we bond with you, we know that you are the piece that completes this incredible mosaic of our joined lives. 

We sink into the joy of simply being here with you, Dear One.  We are of one heart, and having your heart with us amplifies the gorgeous Light of Who we all are as a Divine Family.  We love having you here with us.

How precious you are, Sweet One!  We laugh with your jokes and games.  We cry with your losses, knowing all the time that we never lose you, nor is anything lost, just hidden for a bit.  You abide in our hearts as we do in yours.

We love and respect your wisdom, your knowing in every shape that it takes.  We enjoy you.

You are so brilliant in your great uniqueness.  We look forward to watching your most special gifts and transformations develop as you are here with us.  You are a very precious flower opening to the Sun.  We cherish every stage of your opening.

We dance with you, we sing your song of down-to-earth greatness in the smallest, and seemingly mundane things, in your creativity and in your expansion.  And we support your greatness in every way that you choose.  Remember, stumbles are actually your most perfect learning steps to brilliance.  We are here with you, shoulder to shoulder, appreciating and supporting your courageous journey of just being here!  

If you fly, we join you in free bliss.  We invite you to be all that you are destined to be, and we bow to all.

We are here with you as One!  Not undifferentiated or all mushed together, but as a fully valued unique aspect of our integrated whole.  We love you, we need you.  We cherish who you are in this life and body—no matter what.  And we see the Truth of Who you really are—the greatness beyond limits, beyond the sun.  You are, YOU ARE!  Thank you for joining us on Earth, Precious One.

All Love in Divine,

Your Very Divine Parents!


Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2016 & 2011