Compassion That Changes the World!   

November 22, 2016 & September 30, 2014

In these charged days, this article addresses how we may find the Truth in ourselves and defend it with those who may not respect Truth. 

Lack of kindness and compassion will destroy you in this developing Aquarian Age!

You see, the Aquarian is all about “letting go and letting God” take the lead in all of your conundrums, to lead you in all of your pursuits.  In other words, in the full blown Aquarian time, folks will be acting on the direction of the Great Consciousness because finally we humans shall have found that nothing else works!  That is the great promise of this new time.  But in order to “get there” we have tons of work to do.

If our old pains resulting from someone having hurt us in any lifetime is still on our “burner,” that is still actively operating from our subconscious, those putrid effects will come lashing out when one least expects it!  One may turn their interior pain to act and project aggressively, or passive-aggressively, or with subversion such as spreading negative gossip to control situations to what they might think is their advantage.   Oh, yes indeedy, that approach has worked so well all through the Piscean Age.  So many historical accounts, so many dramas written, so many personal accounts that we can personally list.

So, you see that if one does their best to maintain or build or hold onto their ego domain through underhanded tactics, in fact in this Aquarian time they are digging their own grave, because at some point they will be found out and held to task.

On the other hand, the Aquarian Age demands that we not blame such unfortunates who use hurtful tactics such as rejection and negativity for their own gain because we who are on the Aquarian march to Consciousness understand that they must be in deep pain and insecurity in order to perpetrate such nasties.  Those folks may be totally unconscious of what they are doing in their self-righteousness, jealousy or insecurity.  Yet, those who understand what is happening actually have a choice of many actions towards that situation:


·         Stand up for those who are being attacked.

·          Make your voice heard with the Truth that you hear from your own Soul, but never from your ego or your own pain or insecurity, which would be counter-productive. . 

·         A simple, grounded rebuttal to negative gossip, especially when heard in a group setting can monumentally change the course of spreading lies. 

·         A positive endorsement of the one being attacked can make all the difference. 

·         A close questioning of the spreader of negativity about how they arrived at their judgments can often elucidate the lies and exaggeration.

·          Take the leadership to investigate the Truth yourself!  Ask questions of the recipient of the attacks or shunning. 

·         Offering support to the one who is attacked provides immense kindness from the heart—so completely important in this opening to the Aquarian energies of kindness and deep love.

·          Your courage and dedication to your Soul’s Truth that prompts you to not go along with the prevalent lie just to keep you from being on the “outs” with your group or clique is huge! 

·         Personally dedicate yourself to Truth and not to those who would subtly demand your allegiance to destructive lies.  That tactic is favored by dictators, popular high school girls, and jihadists.


·         Recognize that the perpetrator is acting from unhealed pain.  So, the very first thing to do is to send them healing Heart Breath. .  That may help them cool their engines and break their negative focus.

·         Do not get into a fight or blaming.  That would only put you in the same course of destruction, and where would that get you?  It would just take you down to that nasty level yourself.  And who wants that?

·         Make every effort to go to neutral rather than fighting mind!  Fighting mind and raw emotions will only take you over and blind you to your Soul’s Truth and how to follow Its direction to create the greater good for all.  Heal your own reactions.

·         Be patient!  I know that may sound unproductive, but reflect on Yogi Bhajan’s admonition “Patience Pays.”  As you patiently watch the situation and send healing energy to it, tune in to actually watch the situation from your Soul’s eyes.  What surprises you will find!  You will probably see those circumstances develop from the subtle level in ways that you could never have predicted.  This is really an amazing and miraculous process if you do Heart Breath and actually apply your subtle attention to it all.

·         Always find your true compassion in the situation by understanding that the perpetrator is undergoing a crisis of consciousness based in their own pain, even though they are projecting their subconscious hurt and anger on others.  Find the good in them and in their achievements and concentrate there.  That is how you help them find their own goodness, their own Soul.  Stand for that!  That is what the holy Masters and Gurus have done.  Stay strong and grounded in that most productive attitude.  After all, the result that you would like is their own fully healed and forgiven self that is freely contributing beauty, grace, prosperity, support and kindness to all that they come in contact with.  Support them in totally projecting their very Soul!

And the benefits to you will be thousand fold! 

You will break that lineage of subtle terror, and jump out of making nasty karma for yourself and others.  You will find yourself to be a leader for healing, kindness, unmitigated love in the most practical sense and a real force for change in growing this Aquarian construct of Consciousness, rather than retarding it. 

Practicing this pure, strong kindness and healing from your most neutral and grounded center will surely build your own muscles of compassion that will lead you to your own great destiny—for Real!  You will plow through any grain of victimization that may be hidden in you.  And you will find that steadfast Truth and kindness from your robust—not sentimental heart will grow impeccably.

The pressure of the times will push all of our poop to the Light to be dealt with and healed.  And this is how we do it together.  This is how we actually create loving group consciousness.  Granted, this is not so easy, but who said that self-growth and accepting our roles as leaders in this New Age would be easy?  Let’s pray that we become who we are destined to be with grace, gratitude and kindness.

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur  & 

Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , Nov. 22, 2016 & 2014.