Bring Intelligent Structure Into Your Life

October 6 to 12, 2015


It is important to remember that the planetary influences are not just felt on a single day or even a single week.


We are beginning our week with the Moon in Leo joined Mars, Venus, and Jupiter. This leads us emotionally into some fiery explosive, chaotic tensions- relationships- world views. We may be experiencing an agitation, lots of over thinking, extreme tiredness, a desire to hold onto unhealthy habits and a general resistance to move forward. 


We can see this in governments (Mars) as well as in our own minds and hearts. We are still experiencing eclipse energy which is very intense with all of our big players (Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Mercury) involved. The New Moon on the 12th, although technically not eclipsed, is still in the presence of Rahu and will carry eclipse energy. A good way to move through these tensions being spiritually aware is to spend more time in Nature (the great healer of emotions!), spend more time alone (to help process the shifts), and if you do engage in social media make your posts and responses positive to help heal the collective conscious. What we speak, what we think, what we write, we put into the collective consciousness. Now in this intense energy it is so much more important. Avoid complaining, negativity, media madness, doomsday will only add this to the collective mind!


These next few days as Mercury stays retrograde we can take advantage of this shift in our communication on all levels. Make it CONSCIOUS! Mercury goes direct on October 9.


The Moon is New in Virgo (joining Sun, Mercury and Rahu) on the 12th, and occurs in the Nakshatra (Lunar mansion) of Chitra. Chitra is the celestial architect bringing in the energy of awakened, intelligent structure and organization helping us to build consciously. This can be our thoughts, our life, our health, our power, our relationships.


The overall themes of this week are:

  • Fiery, explosive energy
  • Opportunity to help heal the Collective Consciousness
  • Bring Intelligent Structure into your Life

How can you prepare yourself to benefit from this week’s Heavenly influences?