Overwhelming Emotions

October 13 to 19, 2015


It is important to remember that the planetary influences are not just felt on a single day or even a single week. 

This week, astrologically speaking, will be extremely busy for the major players in our heavens! Towards the end of the week the Moon will have moved into Scorpio where she is debilitated. Be aware of intense, perhaps overwhelming emotions. The emotional Moon is joining Saturn which may add an air of judgment, stress, fear, and worry. Remember our Baba Siri Chand LOVES to eat up those tangled emotions for us! Mantra, Mantra, Mantra!

The Sun moves into Libra at the same time; hemmed in by Rahu and Saturn, and debilitated. We may experience some challenges with our individual sense of self-power and creativity. Venus, the ruler of Libra, will help soften these challenges lending her harmonious energy of cooperation and acceptance. You may wish to meet these challenges by trying not to focus too much attention on yourself at the expense of others. Share the limelight, you will be happy you did!

Venus, Mars, and Jupiter will all be conjunct in Leo October 17. Make sure to step outside before sunrise and look to the East. All 3 planets will rise before the Sun and will be a beautiful inspiring sight to behold. A planetary War with Mars and Jupiter is happening October 15-20 which may bring struggles on a personal as well as collective level. What is "Right" vs. "the Ends justifying the Means".  We may ourselves feel like switching horses in mid-stream; or we may view it on a political (Mars) level. Remember to stay connected to Soul to move through these challenges with greater purpose and vision.

The overall themes of this week are:

How can you prepare yourself to benefit from this week’s Heavenly influences?