Confusion vs. Empowerment  & Inspiration


The Venus, Mars, and Jupiter Planetary War is still happening as we begin our week. We may still see this beautiful light show in the Eastern sky before sunrise. All 3 planets will rise before the Sun and will be a beautiful inspiring sight to behold! The Planetary War brings in struggles on a personal as well as collective level. The "war" involves clarity and distinction vs. inspiration cooperation, courage and personal strength. As these 3 planets are involved in this "pile up" in Leo, we may feel this intensity of confusion and empowerment surrounding these issues.


Liberation is a theme as the Moon moves into Pisces and Sagittarius this week after her transit through Scorpio this past weekend. Reaching the other side of this Scorpio transit (which may have brought in some tiredness, confusion, fears around money or health, and stagnation), we may now feel inspired and connected. Truth and Liberation are key themes. 


The Sun's transit of Libra through mid-November leaves him in a debilitated state. Libra, hemmed in by Rahu (in Virgo) and Saturn (in Scorpio) may make some of us feel "caught between a rock and a hard place". To help dissolve this discomfort, move into Shuniya (Infinite Neutrality) and listen for soulful ways to cope.


The overall themes of this week are:

  • Confusion vs. Empowerment, and Inspiration
  • Truth and Liberation
  • Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

How can you prepare yourself to benefit from this week’s Heavenly influences?