You Are Loved Always


07/01/2018 Kirtan Kriya

In the open you will be fulfilled.

Sat Nam


07/01/2018 Tratakam

You are loved



Entering peace

Will allow you to feel it


A gift

From my hands


My embrace

Is your longing


My Word

Is your song


You are with me

Walk alone


Be your courage

Be your strength


Being united

Is your test


Your greatest challenge

Is your greatest victory


To be united

When you are alone


To be one

With me



In your heart


See through

Your darkness


Embrace yourself

With my Light



From within you


What you feel

What you have always known


I exist

In every form


I exist

As you


Something greater

Can never be found


Look within

Find my pure sound


My Word

Sung my all


Hear each word

As my Word



Love All



Will serve you



Will lift you



Will free you


Oh my life

You are my heart


I am forever

Holding your hand


In order to fly

You must use your wings


My breath

Will carry you


My presence

Will guide you


Trust my love



Sat Nam