12/17/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Live with the moment in your heart.

Sat Nam


12/17/2018 Tratakam

You are a mother

To all my lives


I am each One

I give each sight


I am every breath

I am every heartbeat


When you see me

Do you see me


Look at my love

See past my form


I am formless

In so many forms


I am the wind

That lives in each Soul


Carrying each One

Through Infinity’s gate


I give

As You are to give


I receive

As you are to open to


See each One

Receive their words


Give them my love

Open their hearts


Allow them to feel

My life in them


I look at them

As my loved one


Every creation

Lives as I do


Each unique

Each identical


Care for the ones

That choose not to care at all


My messages are born

Through your heart


Open to All

I promise my support


I hear



Every thought

Every word


I hear the words

That are not yet born


Bear my children

Give birth to them all


Create their words

Through my Word in All


A gentle touch

A focused vision



Is your life now


Free from attachment

Focused on my love


As each one approaches

Hear my love


Calling them

Embracing them


Giving them life

Creating a new world



Allow my hands to give


What is needed

Is simply my vibration


As you are One

With my life


You are felt

For miles



Consciously respect your life


Your life

Is my opportunity


To be

To be present in All


Sat Nam