What They Speak Is What They Fear


09/08/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Realize that the words of others were your words another time.

Sat Nam


09/08/2019 Tratakam

Begin your sight

With my eyes


So many pieces

Did you look to see


Every life

Has mountains and valleys


Every life

Breathes my love


Every life

Is meant to be free


Focus now

Forgive All


What they speak

Is what they fear


What they project

Is what needs to be healed


Open your heart

Allow them to feel my love


Allow them to feel

Their life with me


I am aware

Be aware with me


The focus of others

Is sent to you


Free them

From their mind


Welcome their mind

Be neutral


My eyes that see

Acknowledge without judgment


My presence

Vibrates my love



That is known by All



That soothes every thought



That is patient with chaos


My love

Forgive with me



Stills all vibrations



Attracts all vibrations





Be my stillness

As You were born to be


Walking this earth

Bringing my presence


My love

You are strength


My Truth

Generates your resilience


Sat Nam