Peace Is Everywhere, Pain Is Within


09/29/2019 Kirtan Kriya

To understand love, you must be here and everywhere.

Sat Nam


09/29/2019 Tratakam

Begin with reality

What you see



Is everywhere



Is within


Held onto

Trapped inside


Allow my healing

To neutralize


Let your body be free



Life is continuous

For you and for all



Carried by my love



Into the known


The known

Is the unknown


Life each moment

Aware of my love


You will continue

You will be born


Relax your being

Perfection is now


As I approach

Be with me


Regret nothing



I forgive



Live with me

Live today


A moment

To live as neutral as I do


Where you are

Focus on now


Walk to your life

Do not hesitate


Be with your Truth

Be blissful


A moment with me

Lasts forever


My love

My love is forever



With each breath


My love

Give my love today


Sat Nam