Accept Calamity with Grace


10/03/2015 Kirtan Kriya

Believe in the present with Soul.  Breathe.  Listen to Soul.  Forgive yourself and forgive others.  You can only be you in the present.  You can never be what someone else wants you to be.  Be with Soul.

Sat Nam


10/03/2015 Tratakam

Feel bountiful, beautiful, and blissful in every moment of your life.  Accept calamity with grace. 

Let go of dwelling on mistakes that you think you have made.  Let go of worrying that others are dwelling on your mistakes.  Let go of making yourself and others live in the past.  Where is your mistake?  In the past?  In the future?  Do you repeat the same mistakes over and over again?  Why? 

Let go of your mind’s patterns.  Let go of your mind’s will.  Let go of your mind’s version of satisfying and protecting you.  You only need protection from God.  You only need to stay focused on the Light that is within you. 

 When you are faced with a decision--pray.  Pray until you feel that you are going to make the correct decision.  Pray that God will choose what is best for Him/Her/It.  Do not worry about time.  Pray every day without worry of time. 

As time passes, your mind will let go of its reactionary decision of what it wants, and only the Light will be present.  If you are not serving the Light to yourself, then you will be serving the Light to no one.  You can succeed without failing, if you believe that your life is only that which the One has chosen for you.  Your life is a gift that was created; every aspect was created for you. 

When you trust that what is before you is the hand of God, then only your Truth will be present before you.

Sat Nam