You Are More Than Your Mind Will Admit. 


10/06/2015 Kirtan Kriya

Live up to your hearts desires.  Just start being what resides in your heart.

Sat Nam


10/06/2015 Tratakam

The end is endless.  There is no beginning.  There is no end.  Infinity is infinite. 

You live in a finite world, yet you long to be a part of Infinity.  You are a part of Infinity!  Everyone is a part of Infinity!  The Light resides within Infinity. 

How do you become your Truth if you do not believe, if you do not trust that you are Truth, especially when it does not seem that you are Infinite?  You are more than your mind will admit.  You confine your experience with finite details. 

No one will ever think like you do!  No one will ever want exactly what you want!  No one will ever live exactly as you live!  Stop dwelling on a finite experience.  You cannot change the world if you think that it has to be done according to a predetermined set of rules and steps.  The only change that will change anything is being connected to the Infinity that resides within you.

Learn to accept that you are wrong about many things in your finite experience.  Even if you are passionate about them.  That is when you should be the most careful.  Humble yourself to Infinity.  Pray that you may be blessed with the understanding that you don’t understand.  Believe that you are the royalty of God. 

If you begin to behave from a place of divinity, then you will begin living your life as it should be lived.  Live to make yourself and others see life from a different perspective, not right, not wrong, just different.  There is nothing that you know, that is why you must become nothing to understand that you know nothing. 

Live to see the Light within another’s eyes.  How do you create this opportunity?  You stay within your neutrality.  You create stillness within yourself so that the other person can realize that their finite experience is limited, so that the other person is given the opportunity to expand their awareness to their own nothingness. 

Create humility within yourself.  Represent humility to mankind!  It is only in humility that you create the experience of Infinity.  Do not preach what you believe is the ultimate right or the ultimate wrong.  We are all a part of the circle of life.  Where is the beginning and where is the end of a circle?  We are all connected through an infinite number of lines across the circle.  It is the point of Oneness, the Light of God, within this life on Earth that is there for us.  Connect to the Light of God and you will connect All.

Sat Nam