Walk as One with the One!


10/21/2015 Kirtan Kriya Serve as Soul wishes you to serve. Listen to Soul. Do not worry. Do not doubt. Serve. Sat Nam  

10/22/2015 Tratakam

A great leader is one that walks consciously. A greater Teacher is one that walks as One with the One.

Your presence is known, because you do not hide the Truth that resides within everyone. Your presence is felt, because the Light radiates from you. You live without fear of being your Truth. You live as One with the Word. Your presence is experienced as an experience of connecting to the Truth that resides in All.

Focus on your state of being. Are you connected to your Truth? Are you connected to your breath? A great Teacher is one that does not forget the breath in the face of challenge. The Teacher’s vibration is felt by all. Everyone has the ability to be a Teacher. Everyone longs to be the Teacher.

 You must make a commitment to be your Truth with every breath. Do not doubt your efforts. If you remember even one breath a day, you are consciously connecting to the Teacher that is within you. Believe in the Teacher that is within you.

Begin by teaching yourself. Teach yourself to connect to the breath. Have reverence for the Teacher aspect within you. Remain still, remain silent, remain with the breath. Begin to be the Teacher for yourself. Look within to connect to the One that resides in you. Behave as the Teacher teaching You. You are the Teacher, and you are the Student.

Live each day to learn from yourself! Welcome mistakes! They are lessons from the Teacher within you. You recognized them as mistakes! Have gratitude that you recognize your own faults! Pray that you may live everyday recognizing your mistakes. Only the One is perfect. You will make a mistake every day. Honor your life as a learning experience.

Project your being as a Teacher for those that have not connected to the Teacher within them. You are connected to yourself! Feel the blessing of being aware of yourself! You are blessed. You are honored. You are the beloved of God. Bow to the knowledge within yourself. Bow to the Light of God that lives within you.

Sat Nam