Breathe, Breathe, Breathe!


Love is in the Light.  Open your heart.  Open to the Light.  Sat Nam

10/30/2015 Tratakam

Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe. 

What are fears in you?  Fear of the future.  You fear the future.  You fear making mistakes.  You fear being ridiculed.  You fear living with regrets of the past.  Where is the present when you are not aware of the present?  It is there.  You are just not aware of it. 

Breathe when you worry.  Breathe when you doubt.  Quieten the mind.  Breathe.  Breathe until you understand life again.  Breathe until you lose your negativity.  Breathe to quieten the commotion of the mind.  Do not live hand in hand with the chatter of the mind.  Live with the hand of God in yours.

Breathe.  Accept the divine gift of prana with each breath.  When the world around you seems chaotic, when problems seem to be created by negativity, when you are aware of unconscious behavior, breathe.  Do not judge.  Do not criticize.  Breathe.  Breathe until you are consciously aware of the One within you.  Breathe until your lack of consciousness has been replaced by the Light. 

When you feel barriers between you and another, breathe.  Breathe until you realize that you are One.  When you feel the negativity of the world around you, breathe.  Breathe so that you may be graceful.  Pray that you may stay within the Light of God no matter what challenges the day presents itself to you.  You are the Light of God, even when you are affected by the darkness of your mind. 

Do not doubt yourself.  Do not criticize yourself.  Share yourself.  Have reverence for yourself.  When in doubt, breathe.  The breath will bring the stillness.  The breath will bring the answers to you.  Allow the breath to humble you and your actions.  Allow the breath to enter into you.  Consciously breathe.  Help yourself.  Help others. 

Breathe.  Create the vibration of the conscious breath, the breath that brings awareness, the breath that creates the Light, the breath that unites.  Breathe.  Focus on your Truth.  Focus on your Identity.  Breathe.  You cannot rush the breath when you need the breath.  Slow the breath.  Slow the mind.  Enter into your divine space.  Relax the breath.  Breathe.

Sat Nam