Allow Soul to Lead!


04/18/2016 Kirtan Kriya

Allow Soul to lead.  Be grateful for Soul.

Sat Nam


04/18/2016 Tratakam

If you do not want to listen, then you are empty.  You have surrendered to your mind and your life will be an emotional and commotional one.  Relax and let life flow.  

If you are trying to be neutral then you are in a state of battling the mind.  Surrender to the One.  Find peace within yourself.  Relax your mind.  Give your life to the One that created it.  Do not follow the patterns of the mind.  

How does it create its routines?  You allow it!  Identify the mind’s games and be victorious!  Identify what is created by the mind.  Be the one that commands the mind.  Do you respect the Teacher within you?  Then lead by example.  Give the mind direction.  Do not take direction from the mind.  

If you are acting based on an emotion then it is the mind leading you.  If you can feel grateful in any situation, then you are in Oneness with the Light.  Connect to the innocence that dwells in your heart.  Stay in the present.  Live fully in the present.  Breathe.  Enjoy each moment in your life.  Be grateful for each breath.

Sat Nam