You Want and Want


04/04/2016 Kirtan Kriya

You are only you when you are with Soul.

Sat Nam


04/04/2016 Tratakam

You don’t know if you are here?  You don’t know if you are there!  You are an emotional monster that is walking around wanting.  You want and want.  You don’t know what you want.  

You feel lonely and you want to be with someone.  You feel hurt and you want someone to blame.  You want more than what you have and you want someone to cater to your mind.  

Do not live your live wanting more!  When you find yourself wanting, meditate.  Humble yourself to your Creator.  What does the One want?  What does the One want you to do?  What needs of yours is the One not taking care of?  

You are to live in humility.  You are to understand that each breath is a gift.  You are to control your mind and its commotional behaviors.  What brings you out of your darkness?  What song must you hear to quieten your mind? Japji, the song of your Soul.  

Create the vibration of your Soul.  Eliminate your need.  Eliminate your wanting.  Be as the Divine Soul that you are.  Guru Nanak became nothing so that the Universe could vibrate through him.  Guru Nanak became nothing so that the One could serve us through him.  All the great spiritual masters left their mind’s identity and became nothing so that they could live in union with the One.  When you become nothing, you become all.  You become that which is there to serve you.  

Life can be divine.  Create the vibration that brings you to the Light.  Japji is a gift from God.  Those that do not fear the vibration of their Truth resonate with the words from the One.  Live where your heart lives.  Live with the song of your Soul.

Sat Nam