Life is a Chain Reaction


05/10/2016 Kirtan Kriya

Open your heart.  Send heart breath.  Acknowledge the love that is received with each breath and share.

Sat Nam


05/10/2016 Tratakam

Life is a chain reaction.  What you have done today will affect what you will do tomorrow.  How you affect people today will affect how they live tomorrow.  Know the importance of maintaining your grace when you speak and when you think.  

You can speak to someone’s mind, but what is the reason?  You do this because your mind enjoys speaking to other people’s mind.  Chattering away, the mind thinks that it is the emperor of its universe, and it is.  Your life is your mind’s universe.  If you allow it to control what you say and how you behave, then mind is in charge.  

What does the Light leave in its path?  The Light only leaves an experience of the Light.   How will the experience of the Light affect your tomorrow?  How will it affect anyone?  The Light brings inner peace.  The Light brings neutrality.  The Light brings acceptance of all.  The Light brings humility.  

If a mind has charged at you with full force, what do you do?  Do you run away and allow your mind to go at it?  Of course you do not, but you live in fear of the opportunity to remain graceful when a mind is confronting you.  

The Light does not live in fear.  If a mind approaches you, bow to the Light that is within you.  Focus on the Light.  Focus on your breath.  Every day of your life is one interaction with a mind after another.  You do not fear these routine interactions and yet they are only one mind speaking to another.  

Live your life to defend the Light.  You can only defend the Light by representing the Light.  It is not a challenge.  It is a gift that you can develop.  If you are taken as too much, then you are allowing your mind to try to interpret the Light with earthly words.  

Words are too limited to be able to describe the Light of the One.  Believe in that which is in your heart.  Believe that you are fully conscious of the Light that is within your heart.  You live life as it is presented to you by the One.  Serve the One with each moment that you remain with the Light.  You can only live to represent who you are.  You are to be who you are.  You are the Light that is within your heart.