Allowing Your Mind to Lead


This article is Shabad Simran's response from Yogi Bhajan's Tratakm to Greg's question to last week's article "You Want and Want."

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You fear that which you do not understand. Your fear keeps you from your Truth. When you want, you are allowing your mind to lead. The human form of wants and desires are simple. They are usually of things that do not exist within the One. What do you want? More money? More students? More knowledge? Wanting is not the same as seeking. You are to live seeking your Truth. You are to live seeking your grace. You are to live seeking to understand the unknown. The unknown is not understood because you have allowed your mind to analyze that which is not a typical part of everyday life. When you think that what you have gained in spiritual growth is better or more correct than how someone else is practicing than you have done nothing but become a slave to the mind. Seek the Truth in every situation. You can simply say that the only Truth is that which is neutral.

Do not limit your experience with human words. They cannot describe that which is indescribable. When you experience the One, it is the experience that All have, yet each individual will describe the experience with different words. People will argue over what words describes the One more accurately! This is nonsense! As soon as you begin to argue, you have left your Truth, you have left your experience of the One. Most of your life you are living as how you think you should be living. Look at where you live, and your job, and your food, and your clothes and what you buy for your children. We limit our experience as a human to living the life of consumers. We create new interests in life and it becomes a new way of being proper consumers.

When you become nothing, your life does not exist. You exist but your proper house, your proper attire, your proper hair does not exist. You are simply breathing each breath. You are seeking only within the present. You have no worries. Worries are manmade. You have no aspirations. You are perfect in the present. When you seek to be your Truth, you realize that your Truth only exists in the present. Your breath is in the present. Your humility is your ability to serve your Teacher and to serve others. You are nothing because you are your True Identity. You are limitless. You are not the size of your pants. You are not what you need to fix. You are the one that is filled with the One with each breath. You are nothing because you are without nothing. You are All and you are the One. Bless your life and seek the Truth with each breath. Bless the life of others by representing the One that seeks to be the student and the Teacher in every moment.

Sat Nam