Love the Way You Enjoy Being Loved!


05/19/2016 Kirtan Kriya

Happiness is being peaceful and being graceful.  Breathe until your mind soothes its reactions.

Sat Nam


05/19/2016 Tratakam

Practice living life as the One.  The One does not react.  The One does not resort to extremes.  The One is neutral.  The One only exists within neutrality.  Practice the remembrance of the One when the mind believes that there is a reason to react.  

Do you want to practice being reactive?  Why do you allow the mind to waste so much time?  If you live your life in fear, then you are not living.  You fear being afraid.  You anticipate fear and so you become fear.  What will you gain?  

The future will never occur as you see it in the present.  The mind wastes all of its time living in the past and the future.  Practice living in the present.  If you are reacting about something that might happen in the future, then you are living in the future.  What is happening in your present?  There is nothing that you should fear, except your own mind being in control of your present.  

Live your present life!  Live with joy in your heart!  Live with gratitude in your heart.  Love others the way you enjoy being loved.  Love.  Love all.  When you are living your life full of love and kindness, then you are treating others with reverence.  Have reverence for your life.  Life is very short.  Speak with words of love and tolerance.  Be the example of strength that symbolizes tolerance.  Be the one that leads others to drop negative behavior.  

By combating negative behavior with neutral behavior, the Light of the One will transform all darkness.  May the Light of the Guru guard and guide your path.  May the Light of the Guru be your path.  The Light of the Guru is the Infinity within that can be experienced by all.  Seek for that which brings you to the Guru.  Seek your own strength.  Seek your grace.  Seek your ability to transform darkness into light, by guiding all to the Light within.

Sat Nam