Love the One!


05/29/2016 Kirtan Kriya

Dwell in your heart breath.  Dwell in God with Soul.

Sat Nam


05/29/2016 Tratakam

What can you do to cut through the negativity of another?  Send them love.  Pure love is neutrality.  

Focus on your life, and your desire to be one with the One.  Go within, let go of the mind before its reactions take over, and let the love of the One fill your heart with the Light.  

Your ability to remain with the One, consciously, while you are with someone being negative will make you victorious!  If you allow the mind to be lead, then you are nothing but a ball of reactions.  You will be nothing but what you do not want to be with.  

As you live with the One in the present, your path will be known because you are fully present in the present.  The steps that you have taken will leave a trail of the Light.  The true Teacher always leaves a trail of the Light behind so that its students may be gently guided by their own Light.  

There will always be negativity.  You cannot change anyone.  Do not believe that you can change another person.  Only the One creates your future.  Pray the One creates a future of the Light for you and for all.  That is what you can do to help change someone.  Pray that the One transforms them with the Light.  Pray for their ability to overcome their own mind.  Pray that they choose to live their life in neutrality.  Pray that they choose kindness, compassion, and acceptance of all forms of life.  Pray that your prayers are sincere and without need.  Humble yourself to your Creator.  You can hear the voice of God if you listen, deeply listen.  Listen to the song of neutrality and of love.

Sat Nam