Your Unlimited Love Will Transform the World!


05/31/2016 Kirtan Kriya

Breathe slowly.  Enjoy life.  Connect with Mother Earth.  Feel nurtured from her stillness.

Sat Nam


05/31/2016 Tratakam

Focus on what you do have.  Focus on the life that you enjoy living.  Focus on exactly what is in your present.  When you have a moment to reflect, reflect on what is in your present.  

The memory of a loved one is a gift, if you see how it is a gift in your present life.  The One gave you someone to love, someone to show your gratitude.  The people that are closest to you are your gifts that will help you to show your love to a complete stranger.  You know what love is, because you love your loved ones.  This unlimited love is what will transform the world.  

Love the stranger that upsets you with the love that you feel for your child.  Love the cold institutions as you love your home.  If you want to bring change, then attack with love.  Do not create that which you want to change.  Send love to create love.  

Drop your frustrations with the world.  The mind creates frustration and longing.  Your divine neutrality creates love.  Connect to your Truth, and share your Light.  Imagine the one whose heart is cold to all because it has been barricaded to protect it from hurt.  See and feel these hearts awakening by received the warmth of the Light that you send.  The Light will fill these hearts with love, with Truth.  

There are no demons, no monsters.  We disfigure others by sending them the negativity that they send to us.  See the Earth in its full magnificence.  All life is loved and respected by the Earth, by the One.  

How gently does the wind caress your cheek?  Who is whispering in your ear?  Listen to the message of One’s love.  Connect to this love.  Connect All to this love.

Sat Nam