Simple Ways of Exploring and Discovering


11/04/2016 Kirtan Kriya

When there is a need, look to Soul.  Live in the present and let Soul set you free.

Sat Nam


11/04/2016 Tratakam

When you feel disconnected, reconnect.  Do not allow your mind to run to fear first.  

Your mind wants to run at a fast pace always.  Where does running lead you?  You miss out on everything that was there for you, but you missed because your ran past it.  All the opportunities are there for you, you ignore them.  When your mind is in fear, then it runs.  It runs you past what it fears.  It fears the unknown, the new.  It wants control.  It wants what it already knows.  

How can you live so limited?  How can you be so lost?  Fear.  You allow the mind to rule with fear.  What it fears, it makes you fear.  You hide.  You know where your hiding spots are.  Are they in working too many hours, or taking on too much mindless responsibilities, or do you withdraw and become lifeless and eliminate yourself from life?  

Life was so simple when you were a child.  You simply lived because you were alive.  You went down every street in your town because you hadn’t been down it before.  You didn’t approach the road with fear!  You looked for roads that you were never down before!  You enjoyed simple ways of exploring and discovering.  You don’t have to travel 10,000 miles to tell people that you have travelled.  All you have to do is go somewhere that you have never gone before.  All you have to do is be with someone that you have never seen before.  

You are to make yourself available to people.  Tell your mind to relax!  Tell your mind that it is not to judge those that it has never met!  Each person that you meet, is one of those roads that you bravely and lovingly ran down as a child.  Encourage meeting new people, just as you waved to complete strangers as a young child.  Do you remember?  

Do you remember how beautiful it was to see someone smile at you?  The young child sees clearly through the eyes of the One, so simple, so joyful, so untainted.  Life is so beautiful.  Every shadow, is beautiful.  Every unknown, is full of wonder and gives you the experience of gratitude for discovering that which is already is.  

You already are the ones of the Light.  Discover yourself.  Discover that which you have hidden.  As the fear drips away from you, you will glisten in the Light of the One.  Each breath that you receive will be the conscious experience of the One delivering Light to the world.

Sat Nam