Mind’s Obstacles Do Not Exist


11/14/2016 Kirtan Kriya

Send heart breath to those in need of Soul.

Sat Nam


11/14/2016 Tratakam

Do not overextend yourself.  Only offer your Truth to others.  Do not worry about their wrongs.  Allow the Light of the One to travel through you to bless that person.  You are to do nothing but remain neutral.  

If you can be in this state of neutrality, in complete stillness, even for a moment, then the entire world can change.  The One created the world, not just you, but everything.  Rest your mind.  Allow it to sleep.  As it sleeps, allow a new pattern to exist.  Simply exist as you are, without emotions, without fear, without anything but stillness.  If you can create stillness within, then you can create a sacred space.  You will summon the presence of the One.  You will help to create consciousness in all.  As you are, in your true state, so will all be.  

Life is simply a choice.  What are you doing now?  You have chosen the life that you are living.  The mind has you fooled into believing that you are trapped, that nothing can be done, that you are exhausted, that you are without anything that can fulfill you.  Wake up from the sleeping spell that the mind has you under!  Wake up to what is your purpose, your life.  All life has a purpose.  

Some lives are lost to duality and deceit.  You live the first half of your life running away from Who you are, and then you spend the rest of your life running to find yourself again.  This is all just the game that the mind created.  You can never run away from your Truth.  You can never be lost.  Everything that you are looking for is within!  Your life has not changed, only the obstacles of the mind have changed.  They seem bigger as you age, but they are still only illusions.  

The mind’s obstacles do not exist.  The only form that you are is your Truth.  As you reconnect to the Light being that you are, so will all.

Sat Nam