Treat Each Person as the Light


1/19/2016 Kirtan Kriya

Live with all in the Light.  Live with only the expectation of the Light.

Sat Nam


11/19/2016 Tratakam

Then tension that you feel in your body is the emotional tension that you store.  

Release your worries.  Release your longings.  Live in gratitude for what you have.  Live to serve others.  

Do not live longing to serve your mind’s fantasies.  Only what exists in the present is what exists.  The One exists in the present.  Only the One is the Truth.  Only the Word of the One are you to follow.  

The human mind is in full control for most people.  It does not matter what religion they are, or how spiritual they seem to be.  When a mind chooses to create fear, or pain, or sadness, or longing in another, then it is not the One speaking to you.  Acknowledge what that mind has said to you, but you must not react.  You must not give your mind ammo to use in a similar situation in the future against you.  

You must treat each person as the Light, no matter what you have experienced from others in the past.  You must let go and allow yourself to trust that each person is the Light.  Let go of the pain that has been caused by a mind’s games.  One that is pure of heart can easily be hurt.  The mind can build barriers to future experiences in a single breath.  You must maintain your innocence.  You must accept all as the Light of the One.  

When you trust another, how free do you feel?  

Do not fall for the games of the mind.  Simply do not be affected by them.  They are not the Truth.  Your heart may feel heavy when you have experienced the darkness within another.  Do not react.  Do not be pulled into this darkness.  You must focus on the Light and be resilient.  You must maintain your focus on the Light in the presence of darkness.  Allow the hand of God to work through you.  Experience that which the One has sent to you.  Experience that which the One has chosen to experience.  

Obey and serve.  Remain humble in the presence of the One.  Remember that the One is within you.  Allow your heart to be open to the One that resides within you.

Sat Nam