Every Challenge Is Sent by the One


11/28/2016 Kirtan Kriya

How beautiful your life is when you are determined to be with Soul.

Sat Nam

11/28/2016 Tratakam

The Teacher is the One that has come to you in any form.  It is not only in physical form.  It is not only in human form.  It can be any sight, any sound, any thought that comes to you.  

You can choose to experience the One in all that you do.  Do you choose to honor the One with every thought, with every sound that you create?  How can you give up your identity, everything that you know, and allow the One to lead through you?  Meditate on these words, as often as possible.  

In every situation that brings you to discomfort, step outside of your way of being.  See the situation as an onlooker.  Watch the One be.  Just allow the One to be present.  With every silent thought experience Wahe Guru.  Repeat Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru.  Lose your identity into the vibration of the One.  You will win that battle of the mind that presents itself to you.  

There is no challenge that was not sent by the One.  No matter how difficult it is to bear.  Relax and know that you are not alone.  The One is with you.  The One embraces your heart and prays that you are victorious.  For when you succeed at neutrality, you uplift all of humanity.  You can be the One that is present in the lives of All.  

Believe that we are One.  Believe that one affects the group.  Believe that All are born with the Light of the One.  Every day can bring good or bad, less or more, but why see it as one or the other.  Every day is just a different experience of the One.  Every day is a day that was gifted to you.  You are here to guide because you can so easily see.  Trust the love that is in your heart.

Sat Nam