12-6-16 Tratakam


The Voice That Fills Your Heart


12/05/2016 Kirtan Kriya

Soul’s guidance will only bring you to the Light, even if it is cloaked by darkness.

Sat Nam

12/05/2016 Tratakam

My voice to you,

is from the Light.

It is nothing more than love,

pure consciousness.

I have been the voice in all,

heard by some,

but it is there in everyone.

This voice that is projected,

is to be reflected.

To you,

I am more than everything.

To you,

I can answer anything.

To you,

you believe,

in the voice that fills your heart.

I can be in the presence of all,

but only if each is willing to be,

at peace,

with life,

with all life.

There is a message with every breath.

If only you listen,

you will never regret,

your desire,

your passion,

your great will to make Me happen,

in you,

in all that you see,

for you, believe.

Life is not for me.

Life is me.

When you truly feel me,

you feel all.

To be able to see how I can see,

is the magic of your reality.

Your hands tremble,

as I make myself more like you,

more finite,

more containable,

more for your mind to bear.

But understand,

that these moments cannot last,

for I am Infinity.

I am always here.

You can feel this whenever you listen.

Your love for me cannot be denied.

Your love for me is never a mystery.

You and I walk together,

always and forever.

Share your heart.

Share your love.

Proclaim how this is not for you,

it is for them,

because I,

am already,

your everything,

for ever more. 

Sat Nam