Open Your Eyes to What Is Inside



02/19/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Soul will be awakened in all as you share your Truth.

Sat Nam


02/19/2017 Tratakam


Where you have been led to see



Where you are to go



As you have been spoken to



As your heart has been filled


With the One

You are to see


A world within

That none can see


A world within

That is for all to see


Open your eyes

To what is inside


None can feel

Unless the One feels


None can speak

Unless the One speaks


Why is life

Full of absorption


Of what is easy

Of what is restricted


When the One speaks

He speaks to all


If through one

Then to All


The Word is one

With the One and All


There are chances

To rise above the trances


Take my hand

Resist your fall


Into the illusion

That has all


Are you there

Could you be there


With the One

In all His forms


You are formless

As the One has formed


You are timeless

As the One with no time


Living in harmony

Is life’s chance


To live as one

Without the illusion


That all are none

That you is you alone


Can you share

Your heart with all


Be with yourself

As you are with all


Be as you feel

Deeply inside


The One has implanted

A tiny seed


From the darkness

Light shall grow


To be watered

With your neutrality


Will you nourish

That which has no form


With your gift

That you are to become one with


A humble being

That can grow


A seed of love

In the hearts of All


Sat Nam