My Glance of Grace


02/27/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be with Soul today.  Remember Soul with each breath.  Humble your life to Soul’s presence.

Sat Nam


02/27/2017 Tratakam


Walk with me


To a place

That is not real


Leave this world

And you will find


The reality

That exists in you


You are everything

Because you are me


You are what

The others feel


You are the string

Of my creation


What you play

Creates what is real


Your vibration

Carries me


To all

To none


What will you play

With your words


What will you create

With your thoughts


You are my creation

You have my passion


To believe in a world

That lives within compassion


I am the Truth

Of all reality


Within my presence

Is when all exists


Without me

Nothing exists


Without you

I do not exist


Play the cords

That you feel


Speak the words

That I whisper to you


Be with me

To be real


Be with me

To create as I do


With each breath

I give you life


With each conscious act

You are aware


Of every life

That exists in here


In this world

That keeps you so


Within a moment

That has no trace


Release yourself

And come to me


My arms are there

Feel me there


Leave this world

And stay present with me


Create my vibration

From the strings


That I made of you

That I gift to you


I am your heart

Alive and real


Stay present with me

Allow others to feel





Your heart

Is pure in form


How you exist

Will determine


The vibration around you

The vibration that creates


Gently speak

Consciously exist


With me

Within my love



I am with you

I give to you


My glance

Of grace


Sat Nam