Live with Eyes Wide Open!


03/06/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Listen to the words and the thoughts of Soul to be with another on a Soul level.

Sat Nam


03/06/2017 Tratakam

What you think

What you feel


Is it real

Is it what represents me


If I am everything

Then I am nothing


Are your thoughts

With me now


If you believe

That you are with me


Then everything is me

Nothing will be limiting


You exist

As a creation


As you exist

To create


You are me

As I am you



Is nothing


As nothing

Is everything


Listen to speak

Speak to listen


How can you explain

Life is only a game


I run to you

As you run away


You long for me

As you run away


I am here

Inside you now


Become present

To become the present


Each moment



Is alive



Then it is gone

To be no more


How many days

Will you leave your life


To only be dead

In a moment that is already passed


How many days

Will you abandon living


To only be dead

In a moment of wishful thinking


Be here

Be now


You are alive now

You only breathe now


What has passed

Is gone forever


Create now

With me by your side


We can be



As will live in the moment

As nothing


How much love

I fill your heart


To share with me

To share with all


Life is existing

For all to experience


In only an instant

Everything can vanish


Live with eyes wide open

To see the Truth


Listen with each breath

Hear the Truth


That I deliver to you

That I share with all


I am

I am



In this moment


To love you

With my life


That is above life

That is with no life


Your love

Will be my creation


Your love of me

Will create me


As you speak

Stay with me


Life in this moment

Can affect eternity


As you create

Create consciously


A world in your heart

Exists as me


Sat Nam