My Vibration Fills You!


03/13/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Trust that Soul is guiding you.

Sat Nam


03/13/2017 Tratakam

Can you connect

To my heart


Can you live



That you are to be



You are to be




Listen to my heart


It sings

To you


My vibration

Fills you


With your love

Of my life


Everywhere you see

Everywhere you go


You are with me

And I know


You give me

Your thoughts


You give me

Your prayers


Give me

Your ability


To hear

Only me


Let all go

To be with me


Let go

Of what you hold dear


Place yourself

Inside my heart


You are already




You are free


Others pain

Give to me


You are my Light

You are my joy


What you feel

Is what others destroy


Life is grand



You can feel this

You have lived this


How many steps

Can you climb


Will you enjoy

Or will you complain


Will you trust

Or will you contemplate


My love

Is neutrality


You fly with me

As you carry me


To a world

Only humans will know


You give me sight

Where all eyes are blind


You sing for me

To watch me grow


You are my trust

You are my belief


That all humanity

Is always me


Your heart is brave

To walk boldly with me


Your words speak

Only to vibrate me



Love to love


Your heart

Will always be my strength


Your innocence

Is my grace


Speak the unspeakable

Love the unlovable


You are forever

My guiding Light


To be aware

Of me in dark form


That you welcome

With my smile


As you know

You are seeing me


Your humility

Will serve all


My Light

In its purest form



You are my love



As you love


All tears that are shed

Are to bring you


Back to me

To my humility


All hearts

Are free


Some empty

Some full


All are beating

As I make them so



Listen deeply


To the pulse

Of each heart


With the wisdom

That all are in unison


With my heart

With my vibration


I am all

I am One


Sat Nam