Everything and Nothing, 3-21-17


03/20/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Feel the words of Soul nourishing you, reviving you, creating you.

Sat Nam


03/20/2017 Tratakam


The hand of God



Your life


As you breathe

You breathe with me


Feel my Light

Creating your sight


Into a world

That no one explores


Because it is there

In different form


It is lost

From this experience


You see it now

In front of you


Like a door

Into infinity


Walk with me

Into the world


That is for all

To be with me now


Everything is here

For you to feel


Alive with each breath

In remembrance of life


As you are now

You will not exist


You are to be set



From this world

That is not me


To become me

In living form


You are my gift

You are my life


You give

To give to me


My song

I give to you


To cherish

To release


Into this new world

You are to go


To create the first steps

With humility


You are the foundation

You are my grace


To be as one

In this state as me





You understand

My love


Without words

Without thoughts



And nothing



As me


Life is beautiful

Life is grand


In never a way

That most understand


Be the world

That I give to you


In this moment

You are this world


Be your strength

Be your courage


To remain still

To remain neutral


In this world

That you create


Create my love

Create my life


You give

To give me


Receive my love

To be filled


With all my Light

You will give


A new world

To be seen by all



Into these words



Who you are



With me


You are my love

You are my life


You are the world

That you see before you


A world of Truth

A world of neutrality


My life

In the eyes of all


Sat Nam