When You Are Ready, Walk With Me


03/27/2017 Kirtan Kriya

See the only Truth through Soul.

Sat Nam


03/27/2017 Tratakam

Live in the present

Experience what is in front of you


Do not create the future

With thoughts of negativity



What you explore

Through thoughts alone


Is not real

It is only fantasy


Stay here now

Remember me


I will lead

Seek to follow


My Light

My love


In every breath

You will know


How to live

And be alive



Without control


Of the future

With hopes


To be something

That you will never know


Choose to be

Present with me


I can sing

I can create



All exist


Only in this moment

Alongside me


One step

Can change everything


When you are ready

Walk with me


Live in purity

Live in grace


Live to be

In this moment


To experience me

Is to experience all


I give

Each present moment


You hide

In fantasy and memories



In a present moment


You will find me

The world will disappear


Only my life

In every form


You will be alive

You will be free


If you decide

To be present with me


Your love can release

All from doubt



Share your love


You do exist

As a present from me


When you live

In the present with me


My love

My Light


I fill you with

To be alive


Bring others

To their life


Awaken the Truth

In their hearts


Send them my love

With each breath


That I give to you

To give to all


Sat Nam