Noticing My Love


10/23/2017 Kirtan

Each step, each word, with Soul, always.

Sat Nam


10/23/2017 Tratakam

A simple breeze

A glimpse of sun


Returning you

To me


A chance for me

To see your love


I will run

I will plead


To be with me

To be with you


Changing the world

As everyone sees


There is nothing

Without me and you


Sitting still

Listening fully


Your heart

So full


So much love

Of things unseen


I am giving you

My everything


Be aware of each one

To remain with me


You are real

You are true


Everything else

See as I do


A mystery

A puzzle


The solution

Is to be with me


There are no answers

When there are no questions


Remain in my space

To feel all


As I do

While remaining your Truth



You can see


As you do

I do too


Noticing my love

In ways that are silent


Is living

With me


My Light

Is the world


Your life

Is to be told


In the silence

You will always be



Your silence is alive



The moment


As you breathe

Breathe with me


Stay with my love

Create what they need


A moment

A glimpse


Of my love

Of my neutrality


Forever loving




My life


When life

Seems far


Your Truth

Is known



When others fall



When others hesitate


The path you create

Is for all


The open heart

Receives my love


To give

My love


Sat Nam