Rest with Me When You Need My Wisdom


03/28/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Hear the answer from within.

Sat Nam


03/28/2018 Tratakam


From purity


A chance to see

Each dream



Of me


See each

As their Truth


Be who you are

Allow them to be themselves



In each pure form


Each unique

Each living


As One

We will live individually


We are together

We are separate


We see the ones

That do not see at all


Rest with me

When you need my wisdom



Allow yourself to be filled


My Light

Is within all



To feel your Truth


My pure Light

Creates peace


Each one given

Each one alive


My reflection

From within you


Their Truth



A foreign image

That is their own


Be patient

They need to rest


Within my arms

Within my Light


Radiate me

When each in flight


From their Truth

From their fears


Relax their mind

Allow me to stir


Their hearts




Pure love


No control

No questioning



In its true form


From within them

Their Truth


From within them

My love



By creating peace



From within you


Radiating to all

That are learning


Radiating to all

That are teaching


My stillness

My wisdom


Sitting purely

Relaxing in my pure flow


A gift

To be delivered


By relaxing

and being still with me


Sat Nam