We Will Heal the Earth


03/29/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Remain still to see the truth within each wave.

Sat Nam


03/29/2018 Tratakam

Sit with me

Allow me to work


From our seat

We will heal the earth


Focus within

Create stillness



Breathe with me


As you breathe



You invite me

To exist


To truly exist

For All


I exist



I am experienced

Through conscious remembering


All stress

Let it go



Creates stress



Creates stress



Creates stress



Creates stress


Heal your body

Eliminate all stress


Heal your mind

Train it


Eliminate stress

Do not create it


Emotional reactions

Can be no more


Your mind

Is a powerful tool


See each stress

As my request for you


To heal

With your gift


Your gift

To consciously connect with me


Heal All

With my stillness


Send my presence

To each one


From your heart

We live as One


From your love

You create my love


Your commitment

Is to represent me


I am pure stillness

I am pure life


I am

Your everything


Every thought

Remain with me


Every breath

Deliver me


You are here

To serve the world


By living

Remembering me as your breath


Sat Nam