Can You Gaze Into My Light?


03/26/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Relax and follow my dream of your life.

Sat Nam


03/26/2018 Tratakam

Feel the breeze

Released by me


Reaching your heart

Delivering peace


My stillness

Presented to you


Can you gaze

Into my Light


See it now

In front of you


Always alive

Always at peace


An inner strength

Pure stillness


Beneath the layers

Of time and emotion


I reside

In a sacred place


Without form

Without time



As All


Carry your weight

Bring it to me


Release it

Ask with humility


You are to live



Your mind’s thoughts

Trap you


A neutral mind

Is a humble mind


You can be neutral

I always am with you


Your daily life

Can be my dream


Live with me

Live with my breath


Your day

Is created by me


Each moment

Choose to be neutral


Each moment

Choose to be with me


Be with me

As I am always with you


Send my Light

To each thought


Send my love

To your mind


Focus now

Love your mind


You are neutral

You are me


Two pools of water

Connected by me


I will carry you across

If you choose to believe


I am always carrying you

I am always


You are with me

In neutrality



If you choose to be


Sat Nam