Everything You Have Been Told Is


By Yogi Bhajan

August 2, 2016 & July 24, 2012

This article is originally called “Live Consciously Conscious”  from “The Mind, Its Projections and Multiple Facets” by Yogi Bhajan, PhD with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD, Kundalini Research Institute, Espanola, NM, 1998, pp. 111-113.  Used with permission.  Order this book at http://thesource.kriteachings.org/product_p/bm-tmipmf.htm 

You are nothing but a potential living Consciousness.  Your basic necessity, the drive of your elemental self is to become a practical, grassroots, living Consciousness—potential living consciousness to practical living Consciousness.  Everything else you have been told so far is totally W-R-O-N-G!

You are not a body, not a mind, not a Soul, not God, and definitely not a devil.  Every normal person thinks, imagines, and projects their mind.  You ultimately identify with your mind and become dependent.  The reality is that you should not depend on your mind.  Instead, you should project from the point of view of your Consciousness.

You have been so trained and brainwashed that you can’t relate to yourself as a living Consciousness.  You do not even have the concept.  If you do not depend directly on your Consciousness, you are not You at all.  When you are not You in the beginning and core of each action, then there is nothing you can do which will be true, and there is nothing you can do which can make you happy.

Perhaps you do not understand one fundamental fact: you, as a living Consciousness are subject to time and space.  This is a split.

You depend on the mind, but you cannot rely on it.  It takes a thought and magnifies it, twists it left and right, and creates many short cuts, illusions, dreams, and temptations.  It creates a mirage, and asks you to work on it!  It will put you deep into that pit, and then you don’t have a chance.  The mind is too fast.

That is the problem with you.  You always want to take the chance.  Then you suffer and get desperate and take another chance and suffer even more.  It is endless, seductive, and tragic.  If you do not find that ground where You and your mind can meet, you become nothing but a suffering man.

Now, I have nothing against a suffering man.  He is okay.  He is worth your friendship and you should take him to dinner.  The problem will be that the center of all that suffering is emptiness, a big heap of mental poop.  Worse yet, it is half-digested poop!

Think of a time when you rushed through lunch.  Your mind was already done with the lunch and on to business.  But your mouth has not finished chewing, breaking the food into small bits, bathing those bits in digestive fluids, and preparing the rest of your system to receive them.  The result was a stomach-ache, half-digested food, and bad smells.  You and your mind must meet.  If you rush ahead of your time and space, if you depend on the shortcuts your mind projects, your life will be half digested, and you will carry a bad smell.

You will not deliver your Destiny—the inner urge to BE and be YOU.  Then you won’t make any sense to yourself or to anyone else….

In the end, what will be the impact, the reality, and the legacy? 

You produce a life full of things, but you are absent.  It is a life with no juice, no essence, no heart, and no reality.  It lacks confidence, penetration, and impact.  The mind was given to you to relate to Infinity, and Consciousness was given to you to live.  If you react and project mentally, and then depend on that, you as you are just zero.  Anything multiplied by zero will become zero.  With this habit even your elemental personality will eventually become zero and leave no trace.

Your mind acts through three Functional Minds, each with its own form and characteristics:  Negative, Positive, and Neutral.  With these Functional Minds, your mind will push and pull you anyway it wants.  Your mind can trick you and create mazes that you can’t believe.  It can take away all your physical, personal, and spiritual pride*.  It can drag you like a dead rat, and you will not know it.  It can make you feel belittled.  The mind, in one second, can swing you from the North Pole to the South Pole.  It can make you see things that are totally irrelevant or insignificant as the only important facts in your life.  The mind is more powerful than your estimate, more than you can think, imagine, or even feel.  This blind spot happens because whatever your ego feels, the mind interprets it, expands it, and shrinks it.  The mind, faster than fast, automatically interprets each feeling according to its own frequency and according to the chakra it is relating to.

You are human beings.  Why do you have to act like desperate idiots?  Why?  It is not a requirement.  It is not a necessity.  The nub of the problem is you do not have the habit to relate to Consciousness consciously.  You need to build in a habit for the Conscious living.  This is a great and practical truth, a basic principle in Humanology:  when you relate to Consciousness, your neuroses will fall away.  No one who starts to relate to Consciousness can be neurotic at all.  What is it like to live as a neurotic?  Neurotic people are angry people.  Neurotic people are deceitful.  They lie.  They act unfriendly, and they are often merciless. 

When you interlock with your mind and become neurotic, it is a complicated affair.  There are 36 other qualities that invalidate and disqualify you as a Conscious being.  Your anger and ego get stuck together.  That is the usual way you become neurotic.  You can change this. 

When you bring your Soul and your will together, you become Conscious.  It is all You and it is all about You.  When you live Consciously, you make a choice.  That choice has to be valid and fully from the heart: a choice without duality and with complete clarity.  Then you direct your mind—your head—to act on it.  You direct your mind to commit and go for the goal you choose.

This is a way of living.  It is a relationship to your mind from your Consciousness….

Then mind exists as a servant to your Soul!  (p. 119)

*Pride.  In this case, this word is used as “confidence” and “self-knowledge.”