Don’t Give Up Hope for Your Happiness!


July 3, 2018 & April 13, 2010

 My Dear Sweet Ones,

Don’t give up hope! 

Don’t give up that very cherished picture that you have of yourself—the one in which you are smiling and happy beyond belief.  Oh, come on.  You know that you have that around somewhere.  It may be very deep in the recesses of your mind, but it is there.  Or perhaps you have to restore its beauty and its warmth.

Or perhaps you have to re-manufacture it!

Oh, yes, Sweet Ones.  Don’t we forget the images that we would like to have for ourselves? 

We think that in order to manifest that most Divine image of ourselves in the “closet of our dreams,” that we in fact have to have such an incredible wealth of tools, of supportive experience, of hope that doesn’t fade.  We believe deeply that we need to have all of our ducks in a row, that we need to have all that baggage that we take for granted will make us happy—the big house, the perfect mate, bags of money, the great and grand position, good and healthy children, gushing streams of income.

But, Sweet Ones, do you know what a very, very unhappy message that is?  Under those circumstances you could never, ever grant yourself happiness!  Oh, no!

Now, listen so very, very closely to Me.  You know that I am not an old fool who will steer you wrong.  You know that I am the very key to your own essence--the Mother-load, the Earth Source of all your Being.  I know you as I know the back of my hand.  You are My precious ones, and it is just too wasteful to see you chillin’s get stuck, to harbor resentment, to feel unworthy, to wallow in lack of any kind.

Don’t you know that you are My precious ones?  Don’t you know that you are active and kind and good all the time?  The problem is that you refuse to believe it!  You refuse your happiness at every turn.  You give up the ghost of your great, intrinsic happiness every chance you get!  Oh, My.  What is a Mother to do?

I give you the Universe, and you leave both Me and your precious heart and happiness deserted on the side of the road.  Who do you think you are that you can be so very callous to you, to your partner, to your children, to those of your associations and communities?

If you dread your own happiness to the point that you avoid it at every breath; that instead you whine and turn your blind eyes to your very experience of happiness, what have you done with your life, Sweet One?

Now, please—for the sake of all injured beings on your planet, don’t give up hope!  Instead, get out that wonderful, smiling photo of yourself!  Hang it on your wall, put it on your mirror, keep it on your altar.  Know that is YOU!  Know that you are that most cozy being in that picture.  Never deny it.  Claim it loud and clear.  Say, “I AM THAT HAPPY PERSON WHO IS FACING ME!!”

No matter what torments you or what you believe yourself to be going through, I can assure you that nothing is as great as your very unstuck belief that deep down, in the depths of your own artesian well, you are happy, and yes, happy beyond belief!

In that depth, there could never ever be any sadness, any insult or injury.  In that “coffin of hurt, want, desire to be happy,” WE just ARE!  And We are happy beyond belief!

So, Sweet One, just take a moment now to sit, to breathe, to flow into Me, your Mom.  Remember, I am the sky, the Earth and all that is created—especially you, your Essence!  I am the Prakriti, the Creative Energy of Creation.  I am all that is as you know it.

I am love and compassion.

So, now please breathe deeply and let all your energy drain back into Me.  That includes all those knots, all those sorrows, all those cruddy happenstances—anything that grieves you, or makes you feel small, unwanted, hurt or hemmed in.  Let it all drain into Me!

That allows you to become neutral, with its absolute kindness, centering and expansion.  You have a gift for that, you know?  As you become accomplished in our “tete a tete,” in our heart to heart, you find that in fact, all happiness, all joy, all satisfaction is residing right there—in your own spirit, in your own heart, in your own hope and belief in Who you are!

You are my child.  You are never forgotten.  Claim My presence.  Come visit me regularly.  Be One with Me, and We will know—profoundly and eternally what our Destiny is as We live our pure happiness in the very moment!

Don’t forget now!  You may have to do this often.  But you do want to find that squiggly and squirmy—immensely eternal thing called your very own Happiness, don’t you?

Well, then, Sweet One, let’s do it!

All Love in Divine,
Your Very Divine Mother—Earth, that is!