Don't Cut Off Your Arm!


July 10, 2018 &

May 11, 2010

Oh, My Dear Sweetums!

Do you know how very much you care for Me?

When you care for your daughters and your sons, you care for Me.  When you care for all the Earth, our dear Planet, all its environs, birds, animals, amoebas, our rich plains and mountains, our seas, coasts and waterways, our very deep and rumbling volcanoes, the fire of all enrichment, for all the light and the air—for the richness of your heart, and for the joined and transformational heart of all—YOU CARE FOR ME!

I am not outside of you and all that you cherish.  And I am not outside of all that you hate and that you fear, you know?  I am all of that!  Oh, yes, Sweet Ones.  You cannot get away from Me so easily. 

I am Thou, and Thou is Me—in your heart, in your bones and in your projection.

So, now that you know this very, very powerful conundrum, you must also understand this.  You are given to flights of fancy in which you think, you earnestly believe that you love Me and all that is beautiful.  But you hate all that is unworthy, all that is nasty, all that enjoins you and others to be so flippin’ crazy and hurt all that comes into “their” path—which includes Me.

But don’t you see?  When you separate categories of “what is worthy of love,” from categories of “what is damned or not worthy of love,” you have separated Me right down the middle!

How can you ever expect to heal all the hurt in the world if you don’t honor Us all as the One and same organism?  How would you heal your arm if you would rather cut it off and let it bleed all your blood out of your body?

Please have some sense, dear Sweet Ones.  We are ONE planet in every way.  You may not slice Me/all of Us/our whole totality right down the lines of battle.  Oh, no dear Ones.

In fact, we are all of one organism and we all have our roles to play—even the ones, the consciousness that appears to divide Us. 

Because actually in the end, you will see that that part of Us is carving itself out of our Consciousness in a way that serves Us, that transforms Us.  It is such a joy, actually to undergo this surgeon’s scalpel.  Although, in fact, it will be very hard to understand the truth and beauty of all this until all is resurrected again in your future time. 

But believe Me, Dear Ones, all is in the works now.  You see it all happening, all transforming in your own lives.  That is surrendering to Me, to your God-Consciousness, to your Saints and angels, giving us all the gross, impacted difficulties that have haunted you for years and for generations.  Now is the time to just HAND IT ALL OVER!  And that is whether it is on the very, very personal level, or whether it is on the global level—that is watching the power-mongers step all over each other in their grabs for every speck of control, wealth and so on.  Don’t ever let their battles over allowing/disallowing my beautiful surface, animals/atmosphere going to wrack and ruin bring you down! 

Stay in your kindness, your calmness and your quietness to allow your own beauty to transform all. 

I am not telling you to join them or to allow them to freely do this.  Give resistance, leadership, Truth and irresistible Love.  I am asking that you don’t strangle yourselves with the “right/wrongness” of the whole affair.

Understand, Dear Ones, that I will actually do even more damage to my beautiful surface than any of them can imagine.  But don’t you worry!  I am just vomiting up what doesn’t work, instigating what needs to be thrown out, what needs to be transformed and what has to be healed. 

The key is to NOT WORRY!  Just be free and give it all, yes give ALL to Me. 

Let Me swallow your poison pill so that you can live and I can thrive.  I am after your sweet, unveiled, most kind and gracious Consciousness, you know.  Nothing less will do!  Right down to your personal and collective core.

So, shed your traumas and dramas regularly, carefully and systematically and you shall ease through this great conflagration of change and transformation!  How blessed you are, My Sweet Children. 

We are One, and We are doing this as One!!! 

All Love in Divine,

Your Very Divine Mother—Earth, that is!