Your Seat Belt for the Shake Up!

Mother Planet #074,

July 17, 2018 & June 8, 2010

My Dear Little Lovelies!

You are such a fine bunch.  
Oh, yes you are!  But I want to tell you what will make your finer.

You have hair on your head but you don't use it.  That is, you don't consciously understand that when you send out rays from your meditations, you are actually sending them out through the fibers of your hair--among other things.  
Now, I want you to be so very aware and so very conscious of what you are doing.  So, here is what I want you to do to help Me--your Planet Mama, as well as to help all my live "chil'ens" as well.

  1.  Love yourself!  You can't do a damn thing well if you don't love yourself first!  Understand that to the depths of your toes and all the way back up again.  I am so 
    sorry if those spirit-squashers got to you, and you believed them.  You know you have roamed My corridors for so many lifetimes, and not all of them were pretty.  Well, Sweet Ones, now is the time to throw over all that garbage that claimed anything other than you are gorgeous, you are powerful, you are grand and you are most humble to the greatness of you.  LOVE YOURSELF!  That allows so much more of My blessings to penetrate you for your good, My good and the very connected and cozy good of all your brothers and sisters.
  2.  Behave as though you are the best, kindest and most gentle person on Earth.  No, I am not talking about being a mamby-pamby.  Far from it!  I am asking you to be such a warrior that you can hold and transform your negativity, pull way back on your self-vision of victimhood, go way beyond the call of duty to whole-heartedly "love your neighbor," even the really creepy ones.
  3.  And finally, I want you to love Me, your Mama.  Where would you be without Me?  Hmm?  The reason that I want you to love Me is not just for My own good, but you have to understand something crucial.  If you do not connect with Me in great love, care and concern, you will give up the ghost.  That is, if you do not find succor in the land and the sea and the preservation thereof, if you do not care for this gorgeous home, My Sweet Humans, you are finally at the brink of destruction where you and your minions can take this great environment that so preciously supports you and send it all to the dogs!  I will still be present through thick and thin, but you won't.
  4.  The other reason that you must love Me, is that without your consciously grounding in My precious energies--right down to the center of Me and back up again, you will fall by the wayside when horrifying and dismantling events occur.  If you are not grounded in Me, it will be like a car crash with no seat belts.  You will get thrown out of your seats to land God-knows-where.  So, your very gentle, but very strong and powerful grounding of your psyche and your physical energies in Me--fully flowing with Me, gives Me the opportunity to hold onto your heels when things begin to shake up.  As you do that, never fear!  We can make it together.

So, My Darlings.  You may never know how very much I love you, but be so very assured that it is way beyond comprehension.  Understand that I am not a figment of your imagination, but a very real, very potent Consciousness that gives you your tattwas, that is the substance of your body and your mind as you visit in this outrageous planetary realm.  If I am not real, then there is no way that you are "real"!
All My Love to You, My Sweet Ones,
Your Mom--Earth, that is!