The Shake-Up Cometh!


Mother Planet #075,

July 24, 2018 & July 6, 2010

My Dear Sweet Ones,

Now that the ruckus of Solstice and Ladies' Camp has quieted down, please prepare for more!

You have given Me the power of your word!  You as a nation of spirit, as a humanity have given Me the quiet solitude that I need to continue on My journey with you.  You, My Children have given Me the permission to break My boundaries, to become lucid, to start anew. 

Well, Sweet Ones, this is how I am doing it.  I am fighting back.  I am paying a return for the havoc that has been imbedded in Me.  I am gearing up for the biggest blow that you could imagine.  I am here with you.
Now, never, ever think that this is in revenge.  Oh, no, My Sweet Ones.  I never give into revenge.  I only flow with what is given.  Remember, I have been doing this for a mighty long time!

And of course, this is not the first time that We-your planetary humanity and I have gone topsey-turvey.  On the contrary, we do this every million years or so.  This is all part of the chain of events that is moving as promised to create this new world, this new living space of kindness and ease.  Without being faced with consequences of your own actions, no one would possibly slow down the ship.

Everyone is cozy and happy in their own little environments-separated by sense of smell, kindness of glances, unhappy fervors, and being lost in loneliness, hurt, shame, anger and contentions of all kinds.  Some of great will do their best to re-focus others away from the Truth so that their own gain may prevail.

They do this because you have given them the word to do that.  You let them bamboozle your beloved brother and sister members of your one humanity.  You don't stand up to them with the power necessary to squelch them.  It is true that they will diminish, tag or kill serious threats to their own hierarchy of power.  So, Sweet Ones, this is how We as a collective of the Sweet Unknown have banded together to create the next step.

Their consequences will infiltrate all that is known and Unknown in your collided Consciousness.  And from that wiping away of what was and what guarded the sheep-the wolves, you will grow a new Peace, a new Blissfulness, and new Kindness that permeates even the hardest of hearts.

So, you see, We-together have chosen the extreme path to grant ourselves that which We crave most among Us-Peace and Kindness of the gentlest, the most brave and brazen of sorts.

Do not forget that, Dear Ones, ever.  We are not at war with each other.  We are only communally sloughing off the claws of destructive consciousness that has raked this old Planet for centuries and eons.  So, please pray together, stay together and have heart.  We are One, and We will survive the crash!

All Love in Divine
Your Mama Who Loves You-Earth that is!