Get What’s Coming to You!


July 31, 2018 & August 3, 2010

Dear Ones,

Never let me catch you lying down on the job, Sweet Hearts!

And you know what your job is, My Pumpkins!  It is to save your Souls, your kindness, your aphrodisiacs of Consciousness!  That is My plan, and I can't imagine why you would ever hesitate in following it.  Can you?

Oh, you hem and you haw with this excuse, that procrastination.  But I know you, My Sweet Ones.  You have left Me for another!  Oh, yes you have!

You have left Me for your wily ways.  That is that you think that you know better than Mother.  You think that you can skip My wise, prescriptive words because they don't have that much bearing on your kind life.  You forget Me.  You live in disillusionment of Me.

Well, Dears.  It is time you carried Me home--on your backs if necessary. 

You see, I have the keys for all of your crooked games and most flamboyant aspirations.  I will grant you those as you give up your picayune ways.  For instance.  If I give you the greatest rewards as you give up your thumb sucking--that is finding your pet ways of alleviating your dire insecurities without so much as a "Mother, may I come to sit with you!"  Now, that is just ridiculous, Dear Ones. 

I am here for you at every minute to help you straighten out everything.  And yet you continue to diminish to the doldrums, and to pretend that you are miserable!  As you lay in your nasty lap of despair and disappointment, how then can I feed you what you need most?  How can I provide the Mother's milk, the Mother's balm of kindness, of pure, gentle and powerful LOVE that will support and guide you through every situation, every circumstance?

What you need to do, Sweet'ums is to just unload the fury and feeling lost from your breast and fling it to Me.  You must empty it entirely to Me.  Then as you honestly and with full confidence give it over, then and only then can I help you from the bottom up.  Only then can I fill you up.

But you have to take the first step, you know! 

If you continually walk around like a "Sad Sack," or one who pummels their mom to show how emotionally and materially destitute they are, I can only clap for you and wait until you change your eminence.   But if you love your habits of living in fear, in being distraught, in grieving over outcomes that you judge don't serve you, well then, I can only give you more of the same.

It's time you fledged out of your constraining shells, you know.  How will you ever learn to fly?  I can only give you what you engender--what you say that you really, really want.  So, if you stay wrapped up in complaints, lack, hurt, destruction, Sweeties, I can only give you more of the same.

You are destined for greatness and glory.  But I can only turn on that support button for you when you take your hand off the misery trigger.  Your perceptions, your notions are in charge here.  So with great courage and clarity, please take your idea of your life in your hands, and re-create your dream of your Creation!  I am here, Honey!  I will so gratefully and gladly help you fashion your wholeness, your goodness into the greatest life fathomable! 

You may be surprised, but you'll see!  You can start with your baby steps, or you can progress in giant seven-league boots.  But whatever you do, I implore you to not wallow in your hurt and your shallowness.  Throw your cares on my applecart so that we can make the very most delicious apple cider!

Love, Love, Love!

Your Most Grateful and Gratified Mom--Earth, that is!